edmund thomas clint wtf fun facts

Edmund Thomas Clint – WTF fun facts


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2 thoughts on “edmund thomas clint wtf fun facts”

  1. tbh It’s probably a good thing he passed so young, if he was anything like other “prodigies” he’d probably end up spending his entire adult life recovering from the immense burnout from being coerced into doing tasks far above what is reasonable to expect of a child. Perhaps drawing cartoon adult content on commission just to make ends meet since he probably wouldn’t’ve had the opportunity to develop a more well rounded lifestyle and skillset.

  2. Ehh, 11 paintings, every single day of his life if he painted from birth… the math isn’t working on this ‘fact’. If he started at age 2, and lived throughout his 7th year, this would be 13 paintings everyday, or 1 painting every waking hour of his life. Not impossible, but hard to believe.


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