WTF Fun Fact 13348 – May Dew

Do you know about the mystical powers of “May Dew”?

In Europe (particularly Ireland and Scotland), people believed that the dew that adorned grass and plants during May mornings possessed extraordinary powers.

Spring rituals

According to folklore, the magical moisture had the power to enhance beauty and preserve youthfulness. It was said that washing one’s face with this dew would give a person radiant, youthful skin. This belief was deeply rooted in countries like Ireland, Scotland, and England, where May Day rituals and celebrations were an integral part of the cultural fabric.

The all has its roots in ancient customs and nature reverence. On the first day of May, people celebrate May Day, which signifies the transition into the vibrant season of spring. As a result, they view the gathering of dew as a means to harness the life-giving energy of nature.

The ancient ties of morning moisture possessing magical properties stem from its association with purity and renewal across many cultures. The arrival of May, considered a time of abundant growth and fertility, intensifies the potency of the dew collected during this period.

May dew rituals

The rituals are often carried out before sunrise on May Day. People would venture into meadows and gardens, carefully collecting the dew that glistened upon leaves and petals. Some would simply wash their faces with it, believing it would bless them with a radiant complexion. Others would capture the precious liquid in containers, creating potions and cosmetics said to possess healing and beautifying qualities.

While the belief in May Dew has waned in modern times, it continues to leave a lingering trace in cultural folklore. The allure of this tradition lies in its connection to nature’s bountiful energy and the desire to harness its magic. It serves as a reminder of the ancient customs that shaped our relationship with the natural world.

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Source: “Weatherwatch: The magic of May dew” — The Guardian

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