WTF Fun Fact – Mandatory Vasectomy

State representative Rolanda Hollis from Birmingham filed a bill in Feb. 2020 that would require Alabama men to get a vasectomy once they reach 50 years old or father three children, whichever comes first. – WTF Fun Facts

Source: Alabama lawmaker’s bill would force men to get vasectomies at 50 –


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9 thoughts on “WTF Fun Fact – Mandatory Vasectomy”

  1. Truth be told, I don’t hear of this actually happening, so this law is just there to be there and most likely not enforced.

    • The bill was proposed but never passed. We imagine there would have been quite an uproar if it had ever really been considered in the legislature.

  2. @Nikki L
    “involved in a woman’s body”
    children are not made by one person
    even under the worst circumstances there are still arguments for not deciding alone
    “regulate what I can”
    you can’t let a child grow
    you can’t make a child grow
    this function is out of reach
    regulate means stopping a process my mind says my disadvantage is bigger than my benefit. so who did ask the child? no one?

  3. Matt you seem to be missing what I’m saying. There is absolutely NO reason for a man to be involved in a woman’s body. This state representative is turning the tables on the same men who pass these laws about women. Honestly that’s pretty fair. You want to regulate what I can and can’t do with my body? Then I’ll regulate what you can and can’t do with yours. Women are told they have to go through with a pregnancy when they don’t want to. Women are told they can’t have their tubes tied unless their husband/boyfriend says it’s fine. Women are told not to go on birth control. All by men. How is that okay? How is that fair? News flash: it’s not. The way you’re responding to this is the same way we women react to getting told all this bullshit.

  4. Your missing the forest for the trees.

    There is a difference in forcing a medical procedures on the victims dime, and preventing a medical procedure.

    There are plenty of arbitrary laws that prevent people from acquiring services at others behest. Everyone who wants a beer when young is in the same boat. Just the degrees of injustice.

  5. Men in fact have tried to pass laws like that. There are states where a woman is not allowed to get her tubes tied without her husband’s approval. “In case he wants kids later down the road.” Men have done everything throughout history to have control over a woman’s body. And y’all don’t like it? That’s exactly how women feel

  6. But if a man introduced a bill that forces women to get their tubes tied under the same circumstances, it would be the biggest sexist scandal in history.

  7. Matt, you do realize that’s EXACTLY what all these laws about women’s bodies do, right? But once it’s forced on a man it’s an abomination🙄

  8. A law that not only forces people to do something they might not want but also forces them to pay for it? The is a law one court case and millions of dollars in restitution away from being struck down. Now if the law offered the government to PAY for a Vasectomy under those restrictions there would be plenty of people to jump on the chance.


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