WTF Fun Fact – Pizza Delivery To Body Armor

Modern body armor was created by a pizza delivery guy and former marine named Richard Davis, who was wounded after a delivery turned into a shootout. He developed the bulletproof vest using Kevlar and demoed it for the police by shooting himself in the chest. – WTF Fun Facts


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4 thoughts on “WTF Fun Fact – Pizza Delivery To Body Armor”

  1. No… KEVLAR was invented by a woman working for dupont for the use in tire manufacturing. The kevlar VEST was invented by this dude Matteo. WHICH IS WHAT THIS PICTURE DEPICTS.

  2. A lady (Stephanie Kwolek) created kevlar (the material used for bulletproof vests) in 1965, but it was this man (Richard Davis) who decided to use kevlar as body armor and therefore created the bulletproof vest.


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