WTF Fun Fact – WW2 A Code Of Honor

During WW2, German fighter ace Franz Stigler noticed a US B-17 bomber was too damaged to fight back, and escorted it back to Britain instead of shooting it down, risking execution in the process. Many years after the war, both pilots reunited and became friends. – WTF Fun Facts


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4 thoughts on “WTF Fun Fact – WW2 A Code Of Honor”

  1. They wrote a book. A friend lent it to me and it
    was very memorable, please look it up. Any Public library
    will be able to find for you. So glad it is mentioned here.

  2. @Phil

    You literally just read a fact about how a war created a friendship. I know there are thousands more downsides of war than upsides, but saying it creates “nothing good” is a stretch. War can save countries, maybe even the world, but usually it’s just conflict between countries.


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