WTF Fun Fact – Yreka Yrella

In Yreka, California, a bakery operated for 100 years called the Yreka Bakery, which formed a palindrome. When the business closed and a gallery opened in the same spot, they named themselves the Yrella Gallery, so that it would also form a palindrome. – WTF Fun Facts

Source: Yreka, California – Wikipedia


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2 thoughts on “WTF Fun Fact – Yreka Yrella”

  1. Do YOU know what a palindrome is? A palindrome has nothing to do with pronounciation but only spelling. Even capitalization, punctuation, and word boundaries (for palindromes consisting of more than one word, like this one) aren’t considerd.
    Well I have to admit, the note in brackets is very misleading…

  2. This is not a palindrome… Not even close. Do the people of California understand what a palindrome even is?!
    Yreka. (Yuh-re-kuh)
    Akery (uh-ke-ree)


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