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Did you know that nearly 40% of the USA is North of the Southernmost part of Canada? It’s true! –Source

Here’s something you might not know, the game of football was created back in the 1800s and now the National Football League (NFL) is estimated to be a $9 billion industry, while NCAA college football is worth an estimated $6 billion. –Source

Did you know that actor Morgan Freeman, after serving in the U.S. Air Force, got his first paid job in show business as a dancer at the 1964 World’s Fair. –Source

Here’s a funny sports fact, during a Bulls vs. Jazz game on Dec. 2, 1987, Michael Jordan dunked over 6′ 1″ guard John Stockton, an angry fan yelled at him to “pick on someone your size.” So the next play he dunked over 6′ 11″ Mel Turpin and turned to the heckler and asked, “Was he big enough?” –Source

Did You Know former President Jimmy Carter's Still Lives In the ranch house he built in 1961

Talk about humility, former President Jimmy Carter still lives in a $167,000 ranch house he built himself in 1961 and shops at the Dollar General. –Source

Oddly enough, the last U.S. conviction for blasphemy was of atheist activist Charles Lee Smith. In 1928 he rented a storefront in Little Rock, Arkansas, and put a sign in the window that read: “Evolution Is True. The Bible’s a Lie. God’s a Ghost.” He was charged with violating the city ordinance against blasphemy. Furthermore, because he was an atheist and therefore could not swear the court’s religious oath to tell the truth, he was not even permitted to testify in his own defense. – Source

I bet you didn’t know that the Vietnamese call the war between the USA and Vietnam the “Resistance War Against America.” -Source

You may have knew that Jack Daniel the whiskey distiller died from blood poisoning and that the infection that killed him started in his big toe, which he injured after kicking a safe.  But did you know his final words were fittingly “one last drink, please”? –Source

I’m sure you’ve heard of a before, but how did it come to be? James Watt popularized using horsepower as a measurement as a way to market his steam engines. He calculated the output of an actual horse so he cold tell customers exactly how many horses his engines could replace. In 1960, he got his own unit of measurement, the Watt, named after him for his efforts. –Source

Did you know in Funland, at the Museum of Sex in New York City, there’s a bouncy castle of breasts entitled “Jump of Joy.” –Source

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