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WTF Fun Fact 13405 – Robot Pizza Maker

A robot pizza delivery startup that raised nearly half a billion dollars has closed due to technological setbacks. The company, Zume, Inc., had been working on developing a mobile pizza-making machine for years.

There’s big money in future pizza

The failure is surprising, considering the substantial amount of investment capital it received. But this helps highlight the ongoing challenges faced by practical robotics ventures.

One of the key hurdles faced by the robot pizza startup was the difficulty of building a reliable mechanical pizzaiolo. The company struggled for years to prevent melting cheese from sliding off the pizzas while they were being baked in their moving trucks. But this posed too significant of an obstacle. The cheese won.

Does robot pizza have a future?

Interestingly, the robot pizza industry is larger than one might assume. There are several Silicon Valley companies working on automating the pizza-making process. For instance, Stellar Pizza, founded by former SpaceX engineers, is developing a robot capable of making dough, rolling it out, applying various toppings, and baking the pizza.

However, the ambitions of these companies are not focused on recreating the experience of a traditional Italian pizza fresh out of the oven. Instead, they aim to compete with established pizza chains like Domino’s, targeting a more mass-market audience.

Cheesy obstacles

The shutdown of Zume Inc. serves as a cautionary tale in the world of venture investing – and of pizza. Even with significant funding and promising technological ideas, execution and overcoming practical challenges remain critical. This robot pizza startup emphasizes the challenges of trying to merge robotics and culinary endeavors and the difficulties inherent in translating innovative concepts into viable and successful businesses.

Zume Inc. has reportedly engaged the services of Sherwood Partners, a restructuring firm, to facilitate the sale of its assets. The company’s decision to wind down its operations reflects the reality of its financial situation and the inability to sustain its business model in a competitive market.

In the meantime, we’ll just have to appreciate the world’s pizza-makers even more. At least they can keep the cheese in place!

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Source: “Robot Pizza Startup Shuts Down After Cheese Kept Sliding Off” — Futurism

WTF Fun Fact 13404 – A Bus Trip to London

Do you want to take a long bus trip to London? How does a 60-day trip sound? Adventures Overland, an Indian road trip company, has come up with a unique experience for travel enthusiasts. It’s a bus route from Iran to London. The journey winds through Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, and France before arriving in London.

Taking the long bus trip to London

The concept for this epic road trip started a few years back, and it was supposed to begin in India! Due to unforeseen circumstances such as travel restrictions in Myanmar and China and the Russia-Ukraine War, the company had to devise an alternative route. Their solution was to ship their vehicles to Iran and embark on a new journey. This one traverses diverse destinations across Eastern Europe, the Baltics, Scandinavia, and Western Europe.

The appeal of the “Road to London” trip lies partly in the landscapes encountered along the way. These include the deserts of Iran to the icy landscapes of Norway. Participants will also see historic landmarks, untamed wilderness, bustling cities, majestic peaks, and architectural masterpieces.

More than a bus ride

For those interested in joining the journey, the itinerary is packed with activities and experiences. It’s not just 60 days of sitting on a bus.

Participants can take boat rides, treks, hot air balloon rides, cruises, and immersive city tours. The trip offers something for everyone whether you’re traveling with friends, family, as a couple, or solo.

The “Road to London” expedition sets off from Bandar Abbas, Iran, a vibrant port city in the Hormozgān Province. Participants will receive their vehicles here and embark on an exploration of the ancient wonders of Persia. Highlights include visits to the city of Shiraz and the historic city of Isfahan, to see Persepolis.

See Europe in a unique way

Turkey presents the mesmerizing landscapes of Cappadocia and the vibrant city of Istanbul. Then, the convoy crosses borders, entering Bulgaria via Greece and making its way to Sofia, Bulgaria. The road then leads to Belgrade, the capital of Serbia.

The expedition continues its exploration of Eastern Europe, with captivating stops in Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. Budapest, Hungary’s capital, presents a blend of sophistication, architectural grandeur, and rejuvenating thermal springs. Krakow, Poland, offers a humbling visit to the Auschwitz concentration camp. Warsaw, the capital of Poland, unveils its contemporary architecture and vibrant spirit.

As the journey progresses, the convoy crosses borders once again, entering Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia—the captivating Baltic trio. The expedition culminates in Tallinn, Estonia, with its exquisitely preserved examples of medieval architecture.

Northern European landscapes

The adventure takes an exciting turn as participants board a ferry, embarking on a short cruise across the Baltic Sea to Helsinki, Finland. The Nordic culture and picturesque landscapes of Finland await exploration, including the enchanting Rovaniemi, the official hometown of Santa Claus. The convoy then journeys to Norway, venturing into the Arctic Circle and marveling at the awe-inspiring Nordkapp, Europe’s northernmost point accessible by road. Then it’s on to Tromsø, known for its mesmerizing Aurora Borealis displays.

Norway’s scenic beauty also includes stops in Fauske, Trondheim, and Ålesund. The adventure concludes in Bergen, where participants will immerse themselves in the beautiful fjord landscapes.

The expedition’s final leg traverses Sweden, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, and France before reaching the United Kingdom. Along the way, participants will explore the vibrant cities of Stockholm, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, and Paris.

Ready for the bus trip to London?

Adventures Overland’s bus trip from Iran to London encapsulates the essence of an extraordinary road trip. As geopolitical events necessitated a change in the route, this reimagined adventure promises to be an unparalleled experience!

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Source: “Road to London” — Adventures Overland

WTF Fun Fact 13403 – The Resurgence of Cassette Tapes

The recent resurgence of cassette tapes among music fans has come as a surprise to many. In fact, sales of cassette tapes have reached a level not seen in two decades, according to research conducted by the British Phonographic Industry (BPI). While cassette sales still trail behind vinyl records in overall numbers, their popularity has been steadily rising for the last decade.

Why cassette tapes?

There are a few driving forces behind this surge in cassette tape sales. Some of it can be attributed to the recent releases of notable acts like Arctic Monkeys, Harry Styles, and Florence + the Machine. These artists have embraced the format, and their latest offerings have propelled cassette sales to new heights. In fact, the BPI reports that all twenty of last year’s top-selling cassettes were released in 2022. So, music enthusiasts are not only embracing the nostalgia of vintage cassettes but also seeking out new releases in this format.

The allure of cassette tapes among younger music fans seems to lie in their appeal as collectible items. Mark Burgess, the founder of Flashback Records in north London, observed a significant uptick in cassette sales following the pandemic. He told NME (cited below) that the smaller size of cassettes makes them easier to collect. This gives enthusiasts an opportunity to curate a personal music library. And many fans appreciate the sequential nature of cassette albums, allowing them to experience the music as the artist originally intended.

Vinyl revival

The resurgence of cassettes follows a similar trajectory to the vinyl revival that took place a few years ago. In 2022, vinyl sales surpassed CD sales for the first time in 35 years. Clearly, many people prefer physical music formats (or at least want the option). Paul Williams, a spokesperson for the BPI, drew parallels between the vinyl market’s resurgence and cassette popularity.

The renewed interest in physical music formats also gives artists the opportunity to establish a deeper connection with their fans. Releasing music on cassettes allows artists to create something tangible. It gives fans a tactile connection to the music.

The contemporary fascination with nostalgia across popular culture may play a role in the cassette’s revival. People are increasingly drawn to revisiting old TV shows, films, and music, seeking comfort and familiarity in the past. The cassette tape evokes a sense of nostalgia and adds to the overall sensory experience.

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Source: “Cassette tape sales at 20-year high” — NME

WTF Fun Fact 13402 – Woman Survives on Wine and Candy

In May of 2023, a woman referred to by police as simply “Lillian” found herself lost in the dense bushland of Victoria, Australia, after taking a wrong turn during a day trip. She managed to survive for five days by relying on a combination of wine and candy.


The 48-year-old woman from Cheltenham set off on what was intended to be a short day trip to Dartmouth Dam. However, a wrong turn led her down a dead-end road in the Mitta Mitta bushland. As she attempted to turn her car around, it became stuck in the mud. This left her stranded in an unfamiliar and remote area with no cell service to call for help. Lillian found herself faced with the challenge of surviving on her own.

The unconventional survival strategy: wine and candy

Planning for only a two-hour drive, Lillian had limited provisions with her. These included a few snacks, some candy, and a bottle of wine. Interestingly, Lillian is not a drinker, so the wine actually intended as a gift for her mother.

Of course, when you’re lost in the woods with a bottle of wine and no way out, it’s probably pretty easy to become a drinker.

Lillian eventually consumed the entire bottle of wine, using it as her only source of liquid throughout her ordeal. The candy provided some sustenance, albeit in small quantities.


Lillian’s situation was further complicated by health issues that made it difficult for her to walk very far for help. She utilized her car’s heater during the chilly nights. This ensured she stayed warm in temperatures as low as 35 degrees Fahrenheit.

Lillian’s family reported her missing when she failed to make her daily check-in call. This prompted an extensive search by local authorities. After five long days, a police helicopter spotted Lillian standing on a dirt road, waving her arms for help.

Lillian’s incredible survival in the Australian wilderness serves as a reminder that even in the most challenging circumstances, a combination of resilience, resourcefulness, and…well, wine, can lead to remarkable outcomes.

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Source: “How wine and candy helped an Australian woman survive 5 days in the bushland” — NPR

WTF Fun Fact 13401 – European Sex Championship

In recent days, rumors and reports have circulated about an upcoming European Sex Championship to be held in Sweden. While it is important to note that the event lacks official recognition as a sport, it does appear to be going forward on June 8, 2023.

What’s the European Sex Championship?

Reports indicate that participants from 16 different countries will engage in various sexual activities over the course of 6 weeks.

According to NBC,

“Starting from June 8, the European Sex Championship will go on for six weeks where participants will engage in sexual activities from 45 minutes to 1 hour each day in solo matches. The sex session may last up to 6 hours per day.”

People from 20 different countries will participate, and the winners will be decided using both audience ratings and a panel of three judges.

The participants will be judged across 16 disciplines:

  • Seduction
  • Prelude
  • Massage of various parts of the body
  • Massage of erotic zones on the opponent’s body
  • Oral sex
  • Penetration
  • Endurance
  • Appearance
  • Pose Performance
  • Artistic performance and exchange of postures
  • Endurance and The Number of Orgasms
  • Creativity in Change of Position.
  • Increased blood pressure and heart rate during competition.
  • The most beautiful and difficult position
  • Artistic communication
  • Most active couple

An unofficial event

The National Sports Confederation of Sweden revealed that the application submitted by the Swedish Sex Federation was deemed incomplete and therefore rejected as an official event. Consequently, the championship cannot be officially recognized as a sport.

Despite the absence of official recognition, the organizers of the event remain committed to proceeding with the competition.

The concept of a competitive sex championship certainly challenges societal norms and pushes the boundaries of traditional sporting events.

Is this for real?

According to multiple reports (and reported via IFL Science, cited below), the event is being organized by strip club owner Dragan Bratic. It does appear to being going forward, even though the confederation continues to distance itself from the event. They told News Checker that it is “false information with the aim of smearing Swedish sports and Sweden.”

However, the Swedish Sex Federation responded by saying,

“This year they accept e-sport as a sport. Is sitting in front of computer and playing video games more sport than healthy physical activity that prolongs life? We will let you to make your own conclusion.

European Championship in Sex exists, and it is starting on June 8th in Sweden. Is it a sport or not… it is not that important. Euro-vision is also a competition, but it is not a sport.”

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Source: “European Sex Championship: Is Sweden Really Going To Turn Sex Into A Competitive Sport?” — IFL Science

WTF Fun Fact 13400 – Brain Processing Speed and Intelligence

Scientists have discovered something interesting about brain processing speed and intelligence. It turns out our decision-making abilities are not necessarily linked to intelligence.

A study by researchers from BIH and Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin found that individuals who performed better on intelligence tests were faster at solving simple problems but required more time for difficult tasks compared to those with lower scores.

How is brain processing speed related to intelligence?

In the popular imagination, thinking fast is usually associated with intelligence. There are studies that support this idea, but they might not have been considering a wide enough range of measures.

Personalized brain simulations revealed that brains with reduced synchronization between different regions tended to make hasty decisions. Meanwhile, higher-scoring participants took longer to solve complex tasks and made fewer mistakes. The findings, published in the journal Nature Communications, shed light on the intricate workings of the human brain.

How did they perform the research?

Led by Professor Dr. Petra Ritter, director of the brain simulation section at the Berlin Institute of Health and Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin, the researchers employed computer simulations to understand decision-making processes and their variations among individuals. They used digital data from brain examinations, such as magnetic resonance imaging, and mathematical models based on theoretical knowledge of biological processes, to develop “personalized brain models” that mirrored individual participants’ brain activity.

For the study, the researchers collaborated with the Human Connectome Project, which collects data on nerve connections in the human brain. The project provided data from 650 participants who had undergone cognitive tests and obtained IQ scores.

The results of brain processing speed research

The scientists discovered that the brains in both the simulations and real individuals exhibited different behaviors based on their levels of synchronization. Slower brains exhibited higher functional connectivity. This allowed neural circuits in the frontal lobe to delay decisions longer than in less coordinated brains. As a result of the temporal coordination, brains were able to gather more information before reaching a conclusion.

The study also revealed that reduced functional connectivity caused some brains to jump to hasty decisions instead of waiting for upstream brain regions to complete the necessary processing steps. The synchronization of brain regions, forming functional networks, influenced working memory and the ability to hold off on decisions for a longer time. Complex problems required holding information in working memory while searching for alternative solutions, leading to better results.

The research provides valuable insights into the balance between excitation and inhibition in the brain’s decision-making processes and its impact on working memory.

The implications

These findings have implications beyond understanding human intelligence. The improved simulation technology used in the study can potentially aid in personalized treatment planning for patients with neurodegenerative diseases like dementia or Parkinson’s. Computer simulations could help doctors estimate the most suitable interventions, medications, or brain stimulation techniques for individual patients, taking into account the likely efficacy and side effects of each approach.

By uncovering the complexities of brain function and decision-making, this research contributes to our knowledge of the human mind and may open new avenues for personalized medicine and treatment strategies in the future.

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Source: “Intelligent brains take longer to solve difficult problems” — Berlin Institute of Health

WTF Fun Fact 13399 – Rumors of an Alien Blood Type

A speculative (to say the least!) theory is making waves on TikTok about an alien blood type here on Earth. It’s claiming that individuals with the Rhesus-negative blood type might have extraterrestrial origins. It’s no doubt playing off the recent lack of transparency from the U.S. and other governments about their unidentified aerial phenomenon research.

But in case you think you might be part alien, we’re here to disappoint you.

Quacks, non-experts, and careless speculators

This theory of an alien blood type lacks any legitimate evidence. In fact, it’s not even a new claim.

This “alien blood type” was presented as a “thought-provoking” concept back in 2009 on The History Channel’s show Ancient Aliens. It’s a show that often recklessly combines some scientific research with fringe theories and non-expert viewpoints, typically to get a rise out of people with wild speculations.

So what’s with the alien blood type?

The claim making rounds in the depths of social media states that people with the rhesus-negative blood type could be descendants of extraterrestrials.

It all started with a TikTok video (which is usually how you know it requires more data). It also showed a group of people they refer to as “experts” presenting theories on how these aliens might have influenced our genetic makeup. These commentators suggested that aliens may have been interbreeding with humans or deliberate genetic engineering hybrids at some point in the past. Why? How? Well, since there’s no evidence, there’s no real answer to that.

There’s a LOT of plain old speculation in the clip (including that aliens would even have the same molecular makeup as humans and be able to cross-breed).

Anyway, as a result, the show’s guests suggested – again, without any evidence – that a small portion of the population could be descended from aliens.

Those they chose to be marked as aliens?: People with the relatively rare blood type known as Rhesus (Rh) negative.

What is Rhesus-negative blood?

Only around 15% of the global population has Rhesus-negative blood. As a result, it has intrigued scientists and medical professionals since its discovery in the late 1930s. But there are other rare blood types.

You’ve no doubt heard of the blood types A, B, and O (positive and negative). But there are actually many more blood grouping systems than ABO – over 40 more. This includes Rhesus (Rh), Langereis (Lan), Kell (KEL), Duffy (FY), etc.

So, blood types are really interesting and confusing – and they go far beyond what we learned in 8th-grade biology. That doesn’t mean there’s any reason to believe people with rare blood types are descended from aliens.

Why make the jump from rare blood to alien blood?

The mystery surrounding Rhesis-negative’s origin has allowed some people to do what they do with other things that confuse them – run rampant with random theories. It’s actually pretty common for us to fill in the gaps with our own ideas. But in this case, a few people decided to attribute the blood type’s existence to alien influence. The History Channel gave them a platform on which to do it and made them seem legitimate. And the internet did the rest.

This claim falls under the category of the “Aliens of the Gaps” argument, a variation of the “God of the Gaps” argument often used by creationists. It suggests that when there is no agreed-upon explanation for a phenomenon, it can be attributed to extraterrestrial activity. And if you think that sounds like a reasonable conclusion…well, you do you.

So why, despite the lack of evidence for alien-human hybrids, does the claim persist? Well, it’s presented using a clever rhetorical technique. By combining the views of actual scientists and experts with non-experts in a way that blurs the lines between them, it creates the illusion of a balanced discussion where all perspectives are equally valid.

You might now recognize how common this rhetorical strategy is these days – even when it doesn’t involve aliens.

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Source: “Having Rhesus-Negative Blood Does Not Mean You’re Descended From Aliens” — IFL Science

WTF Fun Fact 13398 – Dubai Helicopter Uber

Dubai, with its towering skyscrapers and world-class infrastructure, offers a plethora of experiences. However, to truly appreciate the city’s grandeur, nothing compares to a bird’s eye view. That’s where Uber helicopter tours in Dubai come into play.

Uber a helicopter in Dubai

Uber helicopter tours provide a unique opportunity to see Dubai from above. Operated by Uber, these tours allow passengers to book a private helicopter ride. The tour typically lasts around 12-15 minutes, during which passengers can marvel at the breathtaking views of the city. The tour includes a scenic flight over iconic landmarks such as the Burj Khalifa, the Palm Jumeirah, and the Dubai Marina.

Booking an Uber helicopter tour in Dubai is a straightforward process. Start by downloading the Uber app and signing up for an account. Once you’ve completed this step, search for Uber helicopter tours within the app. A list of available tours will appear, and you can choose the one that suits you best. Book the tour and pay for it using your Uber account.

It’ll cost you

The cost of an Uber helicopter tour in Dubai varies based on the time of day and the duration of the tour. On average, a 12-15 minute tour costs approximately AED 600-700 per person. This price includes the helicopter ride itself and a private tour guide who will point out the city’s landmarks during the tour.

When embarking on an Uber helicopter tour, passengers can expect a thrilling and unforgettable experience. The tour begins with a safety briefing and an introduction to the helicopter. Passengers are then escorted to their seats in the helicopter. Once everyone is seated, the helicopter takes off, commencing the tour. Throughout the journey, passengers can soak in the stunning views of the city and its landmarks. The tour guide will highlight various points of interest, providing valuable information about each location.

Safety first

While the adventure of Uber helicopter tours is exhilarating, safety is a top priority. Passengers must follow the safety instructions provided by the tour guide and remain seated throughout the flight. It’s important to refrain from taking flash photos and avoid leaning out of the helicopter. Additionally, dressing appropriately for the weather conditions and wearing comfortable shoes is advisable.

Oh, and if you want a stateside helicopter ride to avoid the traffic while traveling to JFK, Uber offers those as well.

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Source: “Uber Helicopter Dubai: Your Ticket to a Scenic Tour of the City” — Arabian Diaries

WTF Fun Fact 13397 – The Longest Boxing Match

In 1893, Andy Bowen and Jack Burke, engaged in the longest boxing match in history. It was a legendary battle that would forever etch their names in sporting history. What made this encounter truly remarkable was not just the skill and determination displayed by the fighters, but the astonishing length of time the fight endured—an incredible 7 hours and 19 minutes.

That fateful day

The epic showdown between Bowen and Burke took place in New Orleans. As the two fighters stepped into the ring that fateful day, little did they know that they were about to test their physical and mental limits.

From the opening bell, Bowen and Burke exhibited remarkable resilience, trading blow after blow with unwavering determination. As the hours ticked by, the physical toll of the match became increasingly apparent. The fighters’ bodies were battered and bruised, their faces swollen and bloodied. Yet neither Bowen nor Burke showed any signs of surrender.

Sticking it out

Cheers and applause filled the arena as the fighters fought on, refusing to succumb to the weariness that surely plagued their bodies.

Seven hours and nineteen minutes passed, and still, neither Bowen nor Burke could claim victory. The referee had no choice but to declare the match a draw. It was a testament to the unbreakable spirit of these fighters, who had pushed themselves to the limits of human capability and beyond.

The legacy of the longest boxing match

The bout between Bowen and Burke remains the longest boxing match in recorded history, a record that stands to this day. Their remarkable feat has become the stuff of legends, celebrated by boxing enthusiasts and historians alike. The fight serves as a reminder of the indomitable human spirit, the relentless pursuit of victory, and the boundless capacity of athletes to push beyond what was previously believed possible.

In an era long before modern training techniques and sports science, Bowen and Burke relied solely on their grit and determination. They embodied the essence of what it means to be a fighter—someone who refuses to give up, no matter the odds or the obstacles in their path.

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Source: “The Longest Boxing Match in History Went 110 Rounds and Lasted over 7 Hours” — The Vintage News