Random Fact Generator

Random Fact Generator

Our Random Fact Generator pulls from our database of over 11,000 random and interesting facts! We add new facts daily so you are sure to find a new fun fact!


If you’re looking for random facts, then you’ve arrived at the correct website. Our random fact generator has literally thousands of facts available at the click of a button. Using our completely free online tool is easy. Every time you refresh the page we’ll generate 10 facts in our slider. If you want to see the source of the fact simply click the image to go to the fact page.

We often get asked why would anyone want or need a random fact generator? There are quite a few different reasons someone might be interested in learning random facts. We’ve listed just a few of the reasons you might use a tool like this on a regular basis:

1. Ice Breaker

It’s always good to have a few interesting or funny facts in your back pocket as an ice breaker. They can be great as a conversation starter or they can fill that awkward silence when you’ve run out of things to talk about with colleagues or acquaintances. While you’re not likely to use them on a regular basis, having a number of different random facts in your mind and ready to add to a conversation is worth the time to browse a site like ours every so often.

2. Learning

It can be a lot of fun to simply learn interesting facts and that’s exactly what our generator will allow you to do. There’s so much to learn about our world that you would never even think to seek out yourself. We do all the hard work for you and all you have to do is spend a little time every now and then browsing our facts. Even if you never share them with friends or family (which you won’t be able to resist doing), it’s fun to know you have that knowledge in your head.

3. Friend Challenge

A fun game to play with friends or co-workers is to see who can come up with the best type of fact each day. For example, it could be an animal fact on Monday, a tech fact on Tuesday, a weird fact on Wednesday, etc. By using this tool, you can find one for every day of the week and impress in the competition!

4. Social Media

Last but not least, fun facts are perfect for sharing on social media and often get a lot of shares and likes. Everybody loves a good fun fact, same with an inspirational quote, or a meme, and sharing our fun facts on a daily basis can be an effective way to increase your presence online.

The above are just a few reasons why you might use our Random Fact Generator. We’re interested in learning how you personally use this fact generator. We’ve often that people use them in far different ways than we ever expected. By understanding how people are actually using the tools we create, we can keep improving them for their new purposes. If you enjoy the tool or have any suggestions on how we can make it better, please take a few seconds to let us know via our contact form!