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Fact of the day

We post three daily fun facts 365 days a year! Our facts of the day are random, interesting, and fun facts that we have sourced from all over the internet with a link to all the details and further reading if the fact whets your apatite to learn more on the subject. We invite you to head to our homepage to see our 11,000+ facts in the order they’ve been posted, or if you are just looking for random fun facts then head to our random fact generator page.

Without further ado, today’s facts:

  • WTF Fun Fact – Clark’s Nutcracker

    The Clark’s Nutcracker bird can carry up to 80 seeds at a time and buries around 98,000 nuts over a 3 month period in up to 30,000 locations. They can then recall the location of many of them several months later, even when they are under snow. – WTF Fun Facts

    Source: Clark’s nutcracker – Los Angeles Times (latimes.com)

  • WTF Fun Fact – Doctor’s Lady

    Ancient Chinese physicians kept a small ivory “medical doll” in their desks to help them treat female patients, who were forbidden from showing too much skin to a male other than their husband. Women seeking medical attention would point to the areas on the doll where they had discomfort. – WTF Fun Facts

    Source: Chinese medical doll – Wikipedia

  • WTF Fun Fact – Dudley Dursley’s Weight Loss

    Harry Melling had lost so much weight that the role of Dudley Dursley was almost recast for the seventh Harry Potter movie. Eventually it was decided that Melling would continue to play Dudley and would wear a fat suit to make him look heavier. – WTF Fun Facts

    Source: https://www.cheatsheet.com/entertainment/harry-potter-harry-melling-aka-dudley-dursley-lost-so-much-weight-he-had-to-wear-a-fatsuit-while-filming.html/

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