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3 thoughts on “american work vs japanese work”

  1. Hi Phill. Sadly this site has no way to inform you, if someone answers but I hope you are able to find it.
    I am not sure if I am allowed to link but search for productivity rates and GDP. Then look up vacation times, average job happyness and rates of people having to quit their job because of job related problems (stress, anxiety, depression) and you pretty soon will have a picture yourself. I fou d the US Bein consistently in the top 10 spots, which is not surprising. But picking Japan as the comparison is not really feasible, as the whole culture is different. Compare to European western countries and the US is kind of weak per capita.

  2. This is too unspecific. Better would be a comparison on actual work done. As far as I know, Americans do work a lot of hours. But get compared to other nations not much done in that time.


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