Fun Facts About Food

Hello guys, we are back with a new post, are you excited? I know you are! Today I am going to go over some facts about food and exceptionally not over fast food or junk food, but about healthy food facts. These are aimed to not only keep your body but also your mind healthy so that you can read this blog forever, or at least as long as possible! So, let’s get down to business and we start with something that you probably consume at least once a day. Ketchup!

1.    In the early 1800s, ketchup was believed to have medicinal qualities, that could cure the common cold, headaches and even diarrhea. This discovery was made by a doctor, who lived in Ohio, he also was a passionate cook. One day one of his daughters got ill and nothing seemed to help, until he served her some homemade tomato-soup which he later concentrated into ketchup, as we know it today. His daughter actually got better in a matter of time and the doctor patented the recipe and started a ketchup pill production, which actually never succeeded.

2.    Now we have something rather odd, according to mother nature, corn. Corn generally has an even number of rows, usually 16 which is rather uncommon because most of the flora and fauna we have on our planet earth is mostly asymmetrical. But corn seems to be an exception, it goes even further because statistics proof that almost 80% of all harvested corncobs have exactly 16 rows, even though theses results vary based on the place of production.

3.    You should eat more of it, as it’s high in omega-3, rich in protein and very delicious, you may have guessed it by now, I am talking about fish, more specifically about salmon. But farm raised salmon has a dark secret. Usually salmon is pink because wild salmon consumes a lot of shrimp and other foods with high carotenoids. Because of the different diet, aqua-cultural salmon gets feed it is actually white and not pink. Therefore, the fish-farmers feed their fish carotenoids to get their flesh nice and pink, which is often a requirement for customers if they want to buy salmon.

4.    Last but not least we have something for you techies and fries’ lovers out there. The good old potato. You may ask yourself, what do potatoes have to do with technology, good question their buddy! The plane manufacturer Boeing wanted to test out their wireless signal on their new planes, and in order to do that, they placed potato sacks on the seats to simulate humans. Because of their chemical compounds and their high water to matter ratio, potatoes reflect and absorb Wi-Fi signals, just as we humans do.