mens biggest complaints about women wtf fun

Men’s biggest complaints about women…- WTF fun facts


4 thoughts on “mens biggest complaints about women wtf fun”

  1. This fact shows how dumb people in general are. Whoever treated their girl so bad she would need to use a silent treatment has probably earned it. Still, the silent treatment is a major point of disrespect and if you are at that point in a relationship you should evaluate it (no matter what Sex you got).

  2. oh boi, silent treatment is really bad, but through observing the females in my life, the cycle usually goes like this , the females CRITICISE bad behaviour of their bf or husband , eg : not helping with housework/ children or negleting family , and the females back their argument up through HISTORY of bf/husband cause they see no change in bf/husband, then when the bf or husband refuse to change and refuse to communicate, females do the same (SILENT TREATMENT)

    to these ladies, my advice is to dump the trashy men cause there are literally tons of great men out there for you to date


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