oligodynamic effect wtf fun fact

Oligodynamic effect – WTF fun fact


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  1. For nearly 2,000 years Christian communion did not spread disease because grape juice is a natural antibiotic. That everyone took a sip from a common cup was not a disease vector either because the cups or chalices were lined with pure silver, which kills bacteria and destroys viruses.
    The introduction of preserved grape juice by (yep!) Welch, which pasteurization killed the bactericidal and virucidal enzymes and the substitution of glass or metal cups (chalices) allowed disease transmission via the common cup. The Thomas tray for holding miniature individual cups was first used in 1893 in a Greek fraternity (I was surprised to learn that Greek fraternities held church services including communion on Sundays!). A huge spat arose in each Christian sect when the promoters of the Thomas sanitary tray system was introduced into their respective denominations.
    Many church splits over the introduction of individual mini-cups occurred, rising to a peak in the 1912-15 period. The “One Cup” parties became a minor element, in some denominations disappearing.


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