this school had the same uniform for 500 years

This school had the same uniform for 500 years – WTF fun facts


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5 thoughts on “this school had the same uniform for 500 years”

  1. Well, no, sorry, it’s not the same. First of all, the same uniform would mean one from 1558 that various students have worn over the centuries. The idiot that wrote on the image, most likely forgot the word “style”, however, even that is incorrect. The skirt wouldn’t be that short. Also, I doubt they are using the same fabrics, patterns, or anything from that era. The tops of the sleeves are very slightly puffed, rather than fitted – fitted being more popular in 1556. None of the girls are wearing stays -which would affect the way the uniforms fit. The little white cravat thing? Very much a 17th C thing, not a 16th C thing.

    Please, stop spreading false information. We have enough idiots on this planet already.


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