WTF Fun Fact 13323 – Helicopter Tree Trimming

Helicopter tree trimming involves the use of a helicopter equipped with a circular saw to trim tree branches. Skilled pilots and experienced arborists execute the carefully planned process of helicopter tree trimming, which can be dangerous and risky.

The wild world of helicopter tree trimming

The use of helicopters for tree trimming has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its efficiency and effectiveness. And it’s not just for giant trees. In fact, traditional methods of tree trimming, such as using cherry pickers or bucket trucks, can sometimes be too time-consuming or require crews to shut down roads and neighborhoods. With helicopter tree trimming, a team of arborists can trim several trees in a single day while minimizing disruption to the community.

Still sounds dangerous, right?

How does this process work?

Before the trimming process begins, arborists carefully examine trees and render a thorough assessment of the surrounding environment. The team obviously needs to take into consideration any obstacles or hazards, such as power lines or buildings (or people!) in the area.

Arborists identify the trees to be trimmed, then the helicopter takes off, and the pilot hovers over the target tree. An arborist then lowers from the helicopter on a line carrying a chainsaw or the pilot lowers a specially designed trimming saw to get the job done. These saws are equipped with a circular blade that can quickly and cleanly cut through thick branches.

Obviously, the arborists are highly skilled and experienced in using the saw. They need to be able to make precise cuts, avoid hitting power lines, and make sure there are no unfortunate accidents. They also need to be able to move quickly move from one branch to another as the helicopter hovers and maneuvers around the tree.

Helicopter tree trimming allows arborists to trim trees in areas that are otherwise difficult or impossible to reach. This includes steep slopes, remote areas, and densely forested regions.

It should come as no surprise that this is a risky business. The arborists work at great heights and in challenging weather conditions. They must be constantly aware of the rotor blades and other potential hazards. But with proper safety protocols in place, it is a safe and effective technique.

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Source: “Aerial Saw Is Boon to Line Trimming” — T&D World

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