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The Girl Scouts Troop 6000 us brimming with girls navigating life amid homelessness or in shelters. Transforming adversity into opportunity, these extraordinary girls leverage cookie sales to fund not just activities and trips, but also to forge their resilience and self-esteem.

Since its spirited initiation in 2017, the girls have carved a remarkable path in the world of cookie sales, churning out a staggering $1.6 million. This triumphant accomplishment has benefitted approximately 2,500 women and girls residing in over 20 shelters in the Greater New York area, presenting a new paradigm of hope and independence.

The power of cookies

Troop 6000 sells cookies in booths across the New York City area. In 2023, their efforts were amplified by Bank of America’s generous matching of sales. Their online cookie sales are also a testament to their efforts. The funds raised are funneled back into the troop, driving Girl Scouts activities and initiatives like the Troop 6000 Transition Initiative. This unique program assists scouts and their families in transitioning to permanent housing.

Inspiration from Troop 6000’s endeavor has spread nationwide, sparking similar troops in Middle Tennessee, Greater Iowa, Sierra Nevada, Greater Los Angeles, and Orange County, California. This wide recognition has been further propelled by a viral tweet in 2021, spotlighting Troop 6000 and its noble mission.

The expanding frontier of Troop 6000

This year, Troop 6000 has amplified its reach, expanding into New York City’s Emergency Response and Relief Centers. This move has opened the Girl Scouts’ empowerment gateway to immigrants and asylum seekers. In the process, 100 migrant girls have joined the ranks of Girl Scouts Troop 6000. This impactful expansion is especially poignant for new recruits like 11-year-old Laura, a recent immigrant from Colombia. “I’ve only seen this in the movies. This is like a dream come true,” she said.

Even as Troop 6000 continues to empower girls, it hasn’t overlooked the crucial role mothers play. As these women often can’t work while waiting for asylum cases to be heard, the girls offers them a chance to lead within their communities by assuming volunteer roles within their shelter troops. This holistic approach to empowerment is transforming not only the lives of the girls but also their mothers.

Girl Scouts empowerment

Among the myriad benefits that the Girl Scouts empowerment initiative offers, perhaps the most poignant is the profound impact on mental health. The once shy Gillesy and her friend Jasmin, now dream of becoming child therapists, a testament to the positive psychological shift they experienced in Troop 6000. In Gillesy’s words, “Girl Scouts helps me when I am sad or mad,” according to CNN (cited below).

And so, Troop 6000 continues its mission, sweetening life one Girl Scout cookie at a time, supporting girls in need, and transforming lives by lighting the torch of resilience and hope in the hearts of those who need it most.

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Source: “This New York Girl Scout troop is the first of its kind. Here’s why” — CNN

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