WTF Fun Fact 13471 – Burger King Thailand Cheeseburger

Burger King Thailand has come up with a new dish – cheeseburger, hold the burger. In fact, 86 everything else too. No condiments, just bun and cheese.

The New Burger King Thailand Cheeseburger

The “Super Cheeseburger,” as it’s called, is anything but a conventional burger. Burger King Thailand debuted this cheese-fanatic’s dream on their Facebook page, with a statement that assured customers, “This is no joke. This is for real.”

Instead of a succulent beef patty, crisp lettuce, tangy pickles, and fresh tomatoes, this unique creation features a towering pile of 20 slices of melted American cheese. And they’re all tucked neatly between the familiar sesame seed buns.

It’s a cheese lover’s dream, or perhaps, their most extravagant nightmare.

A Cheesy New Trend

The dairy-filled spectacle is part of a growing trend in Thailand, where cheese is taking center stage in dishes of all sorts. The presence of cheese in Thai cuisine is a relatively new phenomenon. Thailand-based travel writer Richard Barrow told HuffPost that the current trend in Thailand is “to put cheese on literally everything.” But this cheese-laden concoction has sparked some mixed reviews.

From a casual diner’s perspective, the “Super Cheeseburger” might seem like a stretch, a tad too indulgent, and perhaps missing the classic balance that a good burger is supposed to have.

The cheese avalanche is available at a reduced price from its original cost of $10.90, and can now be enjoyed (or endured) for a mere $3.10. This significant price drop certainly makes the towering cheese mountain more accessible for curious customers and hardcore cheese enthusiasts alike.

Burger King’s Adventurous Side

This isn’t the first time that Burger King has pushed the envelope with their menu. Remember the limited-edition black Halloween Whopper back in 2015? While it didn’t quite capture the hearts (or stomachs) of the masses, it demonstrated Burger King’s willingness to experiment.

The ‘Super Cheeseburger’ may not appeal to everyone’s palate. But it’s a testament to Burger King’s innovative spirit and their readiness to explore outlandish culinary territories. And one thing is for certain — it has undoubtedly stirred up conversation and curiosity. If you ever find yourself in Thailand and feel the urge to try this cheesy extravaganza, remember — it’s not just a burger, it’s a unique culinary experience.

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Source: “Burger King Dishing Out 20-Slice Tall, All-Cheese ‘Burger’ In Thailand” — HuffPost

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