WTF Fun Fact 13473 – The Greyhound Saint of Lyon

Have you heard of Guinefort, the greyhound saint of Lyon, France?

The Legend of Guinefort, the Greyhound Saint

Guinefort’s story begins in the 13th century, nestled in the noble family of a knight who lived in a castle near Lyon. The knight had a faithful greyhound named Guinefort, who was entrusted with the protection of the knight’s infant son.

As the story goes, one day, the knight returned to his castle to find his baby’s cradle overturned, with Guinefort standing nearby, blood smeared on his muzzle. Assuming the worst, the knight believed Guinefort had harmed his child. In a fit of rage and grief, he slew the greyhound before discovering his infant son alive beneath the cradle, next to the lifeless body of a viper.

Guinefort, it turned out, had defended the child, killing the snake and saving the baby’s life.

The knight was filled with remorse and buried Guinefort in a well, planting trees around it as a memorial.

An Unconventional Saint

The story of Guinefort’s bravery and loyalty spread among the local people. They began to view the dog as a protector of infants, venerating him as a saint despite his canine status. A cult formed around Guinefort, with rituals involving mothers bringing their infants to his grave to seek his protection.

In the centuries that followed, Guinefort’s reputation as a protector of children persisted. Mothers continued to visit the grave, offering prayers and leaving tokens in the hope of invoking his protection.

The Church’s Stand on the Greyhound Saint

However, the veneration of a dog as a saint did not sit well with the Church. In the 13th century, Inquisitor Stephen of Bourbon discovered the cult and was horrified. He ordered the destruction of Guinefort’s shrine and condemned the practice, declaring it as heresy.

Despite these attempts, the cult of Saint Guinefort survived quietly among the local populace, passed down through generations. Even today, tales of the greyhound saint are still told in the region, keeping the legend alive.

The Greyhound Saint’s Cultural Impact

Guinefort’s story is not just a tale of a loyal dog. It has deeper cultural implications, reflecting the medieval society’s fears, beliefs, and social practices. The legend of Guinefort demonstrates the power of folklore and the human tendency to seek protectors and intercessors in a world filled with danger and uncertainty.

There are still references to Guinefort in literature, film, and even video games. His tale continues to captivate, providing a unique perspective on faith, folklore, and our relationship with animals.

While the original shrine no longer exists, one can still find traces of Guinefort’s veneration in Lyon’s folklore and oral traditions. Visitors curious about this peculiar piece of history can still explore the region, soaking up the rich history and cultural landscape that fostered the legend of a canine saint.

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Source: “The papacy, inquisition and Saint Guinefort the Holy Greyhound” — University of Reading

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