WTF Fun Fact 13617 – The Stolen Gold Toilet

On a quiet morning in early 2019, Blenheim Palace became the scene of the theft of an 18-karat gold toilet. The piece, named “America,” was crafted by Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan. This functional piece of art was valued at a staggering $6 million. It was not only a statement on wealth but also open for palace visitors to use.

The Plot of the Gold Toilet Heist

Four men—James Sheen, Michael Jones, Fred Doe, and Bora Guccuk—executed the heist at the ancestral home of Winston Churchill. They snatched the golden toilet, leaving behind a trail of destruction and water damage. This act spurred a nationwide manhunt that resulted in their capture and subsequent charges ranging from burglary to conspiracy.

The aftermath of the theft left the palace with substantial flood damage. Of course, the audacity of the crime has both baffled and captivated the public. The men face a court date in late November. But the fate of the toilet remains shrouded in mystery. Authorities speculate that they may have melted down the golden throne, its form forever lost to greed.


The golden toilet, on display for visitors to use, questioned the art market’s extravagance. It stood as a challenge, blurring the lines between high art and everyday objects. The theft of the piece has stirred a debate about the value we place on art and the lengths some will go to own or destroy it.

“America” was more than a dazzling fixture; it was an interactive installation that invited contemplation on opulence and art’s accessibility. By making such a luxury available to all, the artwork broke down barriers. It allowed the public to partake in what is typically exclusive to the affluent. Cattelan’s work not only nods to the excesses of the art market but also poses questions about the value society places on material wealth.

The art community and the public alike await with bated breath for any news of the lost masterpiece. Will it resurface, or has it been irreversibly lost to the annals of infamous art heists?

This tale of ambition, art, and audacity continues to evolve. It reminds us of the potent allure that art holds and the powerful statements it can make—even when it comes in the form of a gold toilet.

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