WTF Fun Fact – Ballet Shoe Budget

The New York City Ballet has an annual shoe budget of $780,000. Their dancers go through 500 to 800 pairs of pointe shoes performing “The Nutcracker” over 6 weeks and use even more pairs in just 2 weeks performing while “Swan Lake.” – WTF Fun Facts



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1 thought on “WTF Fun Fact – Ballet Shoe Budget”

  1. Help me with this. Is it 800 pair total for the group over six weeks? If that’s the case, and you assume that it averages to 133 pair per week for the full year, that’s a little less than 7,000 pair per year. With a budget of 780k, that’s $111 per pair, which is not right. If it’s 800 pair per dancer, say they dance 12 hours a day, seven days a week, they are wearing out a pair every 40 minutes.


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