WTF Fun Fact – Billionaire Plans To Bury Bentley

Eccentric Brazilian billionaire Chiquinho Scarpa announced his plans to bury a $500k Bentley so he could drive it in the afterlife. After incredible outrage at his wastefulness, he announced on the day of the burial to the media that it was a prank to get everyone to become an organ donor. – WTF Fun Facts


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2 thoughts on “WTF Fun Fact – Billionaire Plans To Bury Bentley”

  1. This is so awkwardly phrased that it leaves a lot of context behind.
    The reason he specifically pranked about wanting to bury an expensive car, was to expose the irony behind being outraged by burying a valuable vehicle, while a much more valuable thing is being buried all the time (organs, which can actually save a life).


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