WTF Fun Fact – Botox Injections Impairments

A study found that Botox injections to get rid of frown lines selectively impairs the ability to understand angry and sad sentences. WTF Fun Facts



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2 thoughts on “WTF Fun Fact – Botox Injections Impairments”

  1. Hi Meal. There was actually more scientific experiments and they all say the same: If you are unable to mimmick an emotion it is harder to understand. Botox takes away the ability to Mimmick emotions, hence the difficulty seeing sadness and anger. If you are interested I can refer you to the studies so you can learn a bit more about the matter.

  2. No it doesn’t. Botox, made from botulism toxin, paralyzes muscles. It is injected selectively into places that people want to reduce wrinkles. It absolutely does not prevent you from distinguishing any emotions


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