WTF Fun Fact – Coca-Cola’s 7.5 Cent Request

In 1953, Coca-Cola attempted to persuade the US Treasury to mint a 7.5 cent coin. A can of Coke had been a $.05 since 1886 but its price needed to be raised due to inflation; however, they felt $.10 was too big of an increase. – WTF Fun Facts


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3 thoughts on “WTF Fun Fact – Coca-Cola’s 7.5 Cent Request”

  1. I remember my mom telling me that she was in the second grade in 1942 or 43, and her mom always gave her big brother fifteen cents to buy two coca colas, and two nabs ( peanut butter and crackers), for their lunch at the country store they could go to at lunch, as their school had no hot lunch. Evidently even though they were poor kids, this was something of a level up for them. She used to get mad though, she wanted to manage her own money until he pointed out the penny they couldn’t split. At seven, she suggested he keep the extra one day and her the next. Smart little cookie, but it didn’t win over my uncle.


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