WTF Fun Fact – Disable Disability Priority Line

In 2013, Disney abandoned its policy of letting disabled people skip lines in its theme parks, after rampant abuse of the rule by people hiring disabled “tour guides” to skip waiting lines for rides. These guides sometimes charged up to hundreds of dollars per hour. WTF Fun Facts



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3 thoughts on “WTF Fun Fact – Disable Disability Priority Line”

  1. They still don’t have to wait in the actual line, they essentially check in and are given a return time to come back and skip the line based on the wait time for the normal queue. In the meantime they can be off doing anything else, eating, resting, shopping, watching a show, riding a different ride that has a shorter line, etc. This didn’t end the ADA benefit of not sitting in the queue itself, just the perk of being able to ride the top rides over an over without a wait (along with their family and friends) which was unfair to other guests. Essentially, they get a virtual queue to skip the line when it’s their turn, they just don’t get an unlimited free fastpass for them and their entire group anymore, which was unfair and being heavily exploited.

  2. I don’t know what’s more upsetting, the fact that they stopped that for all disabled or that they took that hustle from the tour guides.

  3. While that did contribute to it and makes for the best headlines. Disney has been clear that it was not abuse that lead to the policy change. It was total usage that got too high. Too many people were using it. My adult cousin has diabetes and would be able to get a pass and take her whole family on rides with Little to no waiting. As more people starting using it, it just became too hard on the general lines.


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