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4 thoughts on “WTF Fun Fact – Donald Trump Registered Democrat”

  1. Are you replying to me, Mr. Lyer, because you have no idea who I am, how old I am, what I believe or don’t believe, what I know, or whom I follow. But you have shown your true colors so quickly. You have made some fast assumptions, and you know what they say about assuming things.
    Donald Trump has been proven to have been the WORST President in U.S. history. A President that was seditious, racist, hateful, and cost hundreds of thousands of lives while doing nothing to help others. Unless you lived in Puerto Rico a few years ago. Then you were lucky enough to brag that he gave you some paper towels. Wow, what a President!

  2. He was the President, and you are just a sad loser sitting in your parent’s basement who probably has a degree in gender studies and cannot even get hired at McDonalds. You probably believe in socialism or communism because you can’t even pay off your own debts, and want other people to have to pay for your mistakes. If you want to do something with your life, stop thinking that you are some big shot celebrity that people even care about and get your fat ass out of your parent’s basement and go get a job.


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