WTF Fun Fact – Drink Drive Law

Mississippi is the only state that allows you to drink alcohol while driving, so long as your blood alcohol content level stays below the legal limit. WTF Fun Facts



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2 thoughts on “WTF Fun Fact – Drink Drive Law”

  1. FUN fact, eh? However, as a survivor of a driver impaired by alcohol, not really that much FUN. Fact: Nearly dead…left comatose, two weeks…six hours in surgery, two hospitals…three months in hospital, 6 more months of 24-hour supervised home care with weekly hospital visits…unending bills for six different surgeons…cost of medication and hospital equipment and supplies…brain injury caused loss of knowledge and use of college education — which had not yet been fully repaid…father died from heart attack…years of rehabilitation…and on, and on, and on.
    Loss of earning potential, impaired vision, left foot drag when walking, migraine headaches, balance difficulties, severe memory loss, Pray for death to ease the pain and loss every night.
    So as people writing and reading this drivel, enjoy laughing at the death and painful destruction caused on the roads by folks drinking while driving. Then on the occasion when you are on the receiving end of this massive metal mound of destruction blasting through your vehicle’s doors or engine or rear end, ENJOY your FUN FACT FILLED experience.


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