WTF Fun Fact – Fidel Castro Facts

Fidel Castro, the Cuban dictator who died at age 90, slept with ~35,000 women, smoked his first cigar at age 14, and believed he survived nearly 600 assassination attempts. WTF Fun Facts



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5 thoughts on “WTF Fun Fact – Fidel Castro Facts”

  1. Average age for losing virginity world wide is 17. Erectile dysfunction affects 70% of people older then 70. That being said if you take the remaining 20 years and the average 17 and subtract that from 90 you get 53. 53 time 365 is 19345 he would have had to slept with 1.8 women a day every single day to get that number

  2. I call BS on this one! 90 years times 365 days equals 32,850 days!! Assuming he didn’t start his feminine conquests at least until he was 6 or 7 years old, he would have to have spent the better part of each day ironing the sheets, multiple times!! Oh wait!! This explains why Cuba is such a 3rd world hell hole!!


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