WTF Fun Fact – First Computer Mouse

Douglas Engelbart invented the first ever computer mouse in 1964. It was made out of wood and two perpendicular discs. The original mouse had the cord in front, but they quickly moved it to the back to get it out of the way. WTF Fun Facts



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3 thoughts on “WTF Fun Fact – First Computer Mouse”

  1. @me – By “front” they mean the cord came out by your wrist rather than the side with the buttons. In the image, it shows the button up front (as you and I think of it) and the cord coming out of the back, which is opposite of how it is now.

  2. Funfact: The mouse was invented simultaneously at least two times. There was also the telefunken rolkugel.
    But Douglas Engelbart was at the right place at the right time for it stick.
    Same thing with the telephone. It’s crazy how some things are destinst to be invented.


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