WTF Fun Fact – Gary Kremen

Gary Kremen, the founder of, one of the world’s largest and most popular online dating websites, lost his girlfriend to a guy she met on WTF Fun Facts



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5 thoughts on “WTF Fun Fact – Gary Kremen”

  1. @Phil

    Oh lord, another 9 year old on the internet who uses the word “simp” and doesn’t know what it means. A simp is someone who would sacrifice their dignity, or do anything really, to be with a girl. That’s not what this person is. Literally all he said was that she was brutal. How does that make him a simp. And you say he’s taking his frustrations out on “females”, indicating he has a problem with every woman. No, you dunce, he only has a problem with this one specific female. It’s like me saying I dislike Serial Killers and that means I dislike the entire human race. And when someone asks you “what are you talking about” you say “tRy ReAdInG”. Haha, you’re very funny. You’re the funniest man in the world Phil. You sure got him good. The fact that you can’t even defend your point when someone questions it makes me wonder if you just make your comments to be arrogant rather than actually making a point. Grow up.

  2. @Mathew Keen First of all, no one knows you. But imagine being such a Simp that you take out your frustrations about females using a fact site. LOL ok Mr Nice Guy

  3. She Did That Shit On Purpose.

    It wasn’t some Kismet connection.

    She wanted to leave him and figured….

    “Ewlll, you know how I can really stick it to this bastard? Use his app and pick up a guy. I don’t care who it is. It doesn’t matter. It is to big, to juicy. No way the tabloids and Tec journals don’t run it up.”

    It’s naive to think it just happened. She wouldn’t have been on there if she wasn’t trying to get rid of the relationship.

    Yeah, No.

    Bitches be Spiteful.

    But you can’t get spite without a catalyst. You can be harsh for no reason, but not spiteful.

    So I Can Only Wonder What This Dude Did For Her To Light Him Up So Savagely.

    I Mean Damn, What’s It Been 2 decades Since & We Are Still Talking About It?



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