WTF Fun Fact – Holocaust Denial Law

It is illegal under German law to deny the holocaust occurred and is punishable by up to 5 years in prison. WTF Fun Facts



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5 thoughts on “WTF Fun Fact – Holocaust Denial Law”

  1. I think this is good…Sure as humans we should all have the right to free speech, but denying that the holocaust even happens shows how little you care about what is done to others.

  2. The law is dictator´s work. It´s the way how WWII started.
    I am not a denier, but you should recognize that penalizing saying or thinking something is the way that all tyrannies operate.

  3. Ladies and Gentleman. I present another uninformed human who possibly never has been to one of those historic places or have talked to people living as adults at them time. I live in Germany, worked in a nursing home for 5 years more than 10 years ago and was able to talk to old people who actually remembered the fact of the holocaust. The law is simply to show the world how serious the Germans see the whole thing, nothing else. The concept of denying holocaust is in itself useless except you want to advertise right wing politics. If there is another reason that is constructive feel free to inform me.


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