WTF Fun Fact – Kestrel Arrested

In 2013, a Kestrel was captured with a tracking tag in Turkey and X-rayed on suspicion of being an Israeli spy, but was later released after officials concluded it was not a spy for Mossad. WTF Fun Facts


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3 thoughts on “WTF Fun Fact – Kestrel Arrested”

  1. @Anonymous. ….What? What on earth are you talking about? It is very clear cut. And there LITERALLY is a source for you to read. The facts aren’t “losing their quality”. I think dementia is setting in for you……

  2. Your facts are losing their quality. Try to write in clear way next time. My doubts with this fact – what is wtf about it? – the fact that bird was bugged, the fact that bird was suspected, the fact they xrayed it or the fact that it was not found guilty. The note ended abruptly without giving any reflective insoghts, which your site generally gives, like , how surreal is it, or how common or rare it is.


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