WTF Fun Fact – Mount Logan

The highest point in Canada was only officially determined in 1992. An expedition finally reached the summit of Mount Logan and GPS put its elevation at 19,551 ft. Temperatures have been unofficially recorded at below -100F on the summit. WTF Fun Facts



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3 thoughts on “WTF Fun Fact – Mount Logan”

  1. @Jiamil Firstly, you singlehandedly have made the dumbest comments on this site. Secondly, this site gets its facts from other sources and quotes thos sources. Lastly, stop making complaints because you are ignorant.

  2. Would enjoy non imperial measurements. I mean, sure I can take out a calculator to see what this useless F is in world wide used °C or K but still… It would be much more efficient to only force Americans to calculate instead the rest of the whole World. Please don’t keep being stupid wtffact-team!


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