WTF Fun Fact – Movile Cave Romania

Movile cave in Romania has been separated from the outside world for the past 5.5 million years. The atmosphere deep in the cave is like a different planet and more than 30 of the species found inside cannot be found anywhere else on Earth. – WTF Fun Facts



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3 thoughts on “WTF Fun Fact – Movile Cave Romania”

  1. @Jiamil There are thousands of discovered planets, so yes, we have discovered planets with atmospheres such as this. Stop trying to correct things when you know less than the poster. .

  2. Atmosphere like a different planet? *looking up the cave* okay to be more specific and scientific: Less oxygen and more sulfur inside the cave. I don’t know which planet the author had in mind, because there is no known planet with an atmosphere like this, but it is definitely different from the surface.
    On top of that: More than 30 is like around 80 species.


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