WTF Fun Fact 12439 – Alien Abduction Insurance

After noticing his homeowners insurance didn’t cover alien abduction, Florida insurance agent Mike St. Lawrence (of the St. Lawrence Agency) decided to offer it. You can purchase limited coverage for $19.95 or comprehensive alien abduction insurance for $24.95.

St. Lawrence has sold over 6000 policies to those who “want to believe.”

According to WFLA News, “Each policy includes $10 million worth of coverage as well as outpatient psychiatric care, sarcasm coverage, and double identity coverage. Policyholders can claim to be eligible for double the standard coverage, but that payout would be based on verifiable and extreme circumstances.”

“I take a very opened mind approach to this, whether it’s happening or not. But if you get one of our policies, show you have a sense of humor about it,” said St. Lawrence. 

In order to start the process of filing a claim, a person will have to obtain a signature from an “authorized, on-board alien.”

“Some way, you have to be able to prove it, and I have had a couple exceptions where they didn’t get a signature,” St. Lawrence told WFLA.

Alas, there’s another downside hidden in the fine print. The payout to you or your beneficiaries comes in the form of $1.00/year for 10 million years.  

Believe it or not, St. Lawrence has paid at least two claims. He told WFLA that a policyholder submitted a Polaroid picture with alleged aliens as proof.  – WTF fun facts 

Source: “Don’t sweat alien threat” — SF Gate

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