WTF Fun Fact 12616 – How to Snail Mail An Alien

State Route 375 is a roughly 100-mile-long state highway in southern Nevada. If you decide to drive down it, you’ll find a pair of mailboxes on the side of the road between the towns of Alamo. The top mailbox bears the name “Steve Medlin.” The one underneath is marked “Alien.” So choose carefully depending on where you want your letter to go.

Is Steve real? Does he have a pet alien? Is Steve a conduit to alien life? Or is he just the alien’s innocent neighbor?

Actually, Steve is a nearby rancher who is just tired of having his mail stolen.

The other thing you’ll find there besides Steve’s bills and inevitable junk mail is a lot of UFO aficionados. That’s because the so-called “Black Mailbox” is quite close to Area 51.

It’s doubtful anyone would have paid much attention to the mailbox had conspiracy theorist Bob Lazar not decided to use it as a meet-up point a couple of decades ago when he claimed he’d show folks how to reverse engineer an alien aircraft. Bob claims to know how to do this because his “employers” at Area 51 showed him how. (But it bears mentioning that every school and employer Bob claims to have been affiliated with has no records of him. And he’s now a convicted criminal thanks to his involvement in a prostitution ring and the sale of some illegal chemicals.)

But enough about Bob. We feel pretty bad for Steve, who has now had to put up with so many UFO “believers” that he’s had his mailbox shot at and stolen multiple times. It’s now made of bulletproof materials and covered in padlocks just so he can get his mail.

So why is there a mailbox labeled “Alien”? Well, it turns out Steve was also getting a lot of mail meant for extraterrestrials. So he made them their own mailbox. Sometimes people put dollar bills in there, which we’re sure hardly covers the trouble tourists have caused over the years.

But if you tend to believe in this sort of thing and you’ve got a pen and some paper, you know where to drop off your letter to the little green men. – WTF fun facts

Source: “E.T. Post Home: The Alien Mailbox of Area 51” — Slate

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