WTF Fun Fact 13229 – Wild Spring Weather

Spring weather is known for its unpredictability. Some days are warm and sunny and make you look forward to summer. Other days are full of chilly rain and even snow. Spring is a transitional period, and understanding the factors that contribute to spring weather’s wackiness can help us prepare for its unpredictable nature.

Why is spring weather so wild?

One of the main factors that contribute to the unpredictability of spring weather is the balance of cold and warm air. The atmosphere is trying to balance the cold air left over from winter with the warm air that starts to move in from the southern hemisphere (which just had its summer). This creates unstable weather patterns that fluctuate wildly from day to day.

Another significant contributor to spring weather’s unpredictability is the jet stream. The jet stream is a high-altitude wind current that flows from west to east, and it’s the most active during the spring season. Its presence can cause disturbances in the atmosphere and lead to changes in air pressure, temperature, and precipitation.

The jet stream can create a wave-like pattern in the atmosphere. This can cause pockets of cold and warm air to mix together, leading to dramatic temperature changes. It also creates a barrier between these warm and cold air masses. This leads to severe weather like thunderstorms, tornadoes, and even blizzards.

The jet stream can also affect the timing and severity of tornadoes and hurricanes.

Here comes the sun

The changing angle of the sun is another factor that impacts spring weather. As the sun gets higher in the sky and the days get longer, the amount of energy the Earth receives increases. This can lead to unstable air masses and subsequent thunderstorms.

If you live near a large lake or an ocean, you’ll probably notice that the weather is even more unpredictable. That’s partly because water takes longer to warm up than land, so the mixture of cold and warm air creates unstable air masses that cause things like thunderstorms.

While spring weather’s unpredictability can make it challenging to forecast accurately, there are some patterns that can help us prepare for what’s to come. For example, in North America, the eastern part of the continent tends to experience more significant temperature swings than the western part. In the western part of the continent, spring tends to be a more stable season. Of course, with global climate change, who knows how predictable anything will be in the long or short term?

Some research suggests that as the planet warms, we may start to see even more extreme weather events in the spring, including more severe storms and rainfall.

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Source: 5 Reasons Spring Is the Most Dynamic Weather Season — The Weather Channel

WTF Fun Fact 13229 – Turkey’s Burj Al Babas

Turkey’s Burj Al Babas was supposed to be a luxury neighborhood. But today it’s a ghost town full of abandoned castle-like homes.

What’s the story behind Turkey’s Burj Al Babas?

Turkey’s Burj Al Babas is a luxury residential development located in Mudurnu (near Istanbul). It is full of fairy-tale-style castle-like villas – 732 of them, to be exact.

The Burj Al Babas was developed by the Turkish company Sarot International. Their goal was to provide a unique living experience for residents to wealthy Turkish nationals and foreigners alike. Sarot designed each villa in the style of a castle, complete with turrets, towers, and arched windows.

With a commitment to sustainability, the luxury neighborhood could have been an example of future living. Instead, it’s a ghost town. The villas are abandoned. Sarot declared bankruptcy and had to abandon the project before anyone moved in.

Despite Turkey’s Burj Al Babas being situated in a scenic location surrounded by lush green forests and replete with swimming pools, parks, and playgrounds, the peaceful setting is a bit too peaceful these days.

Why are the villas abandoned?

According to Architectural Digest (cited below):

“Construction started in 2014 and was expected to take four years, though, within that same time, the developers were forced to declare bankruptcy. As building the town got underway, locals became enraged with both the aesthetic of the homes and the business practices of the developers. According to the local news, many were frustrated that the castles didn’t resemble anything in the area, particularly the historical Ottoman-style mansions. A lawsuit against the developers also claimed the company destroyed trees and harmed the environment. Turkey’s economy then struggled in the years after the project started, and developers soon incurred a $27 million debt. A combination of bad choices and bad timing, construction was halted.”

While the Sarot Group was still hopeful about the completion of its project in 2019, they did not predict the pandemic. That further scuttled their plans.

In case you’re wondering if you can move in (the properties were set to be a steal at less than $500,000) the answer is no. Not a single dwelling is totally finished, and there are no utilities.

The site is now reminiscent of a postapocalyptic city. Construction materials lay strewn about. And yet the shells of the homes still look like neighborhoods of Disney castles missing their princes and princesses.

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Source: “Tour Burj Al Babas, a Massive Abandoned Town of Disney-esque Castles” — Architectural Digest