WTF Fun Fact 13456 – Old Coronation Chocolate

Who wants some Cadbury coronation chocolate? Ok, what if it’s 121 years old? Less appealing?

Coronation chocolate provides a taste of history

A piece of confectionery history is up for grabs as a 121-year-old tin of Cadbury chocolates heads to auction. These untouched sweets were crafted to celebrate the coronation of King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra in 1902.

King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra’s coronation in 1902 was a monumental event, and Cadbury marked this royal milestone with a special batch of chocolates.

In a remarkable tale of preservation, the chocolates have remained untouched for over a century. The vanilla chocolates were a special gift to nine-year-old Mary Ann Blackmore, given to her at school during the year of the coronation. Rather than indulging in them, Mary Ann opted to keep the sweets as a keepsake of this historic event.

A sweet souvenir

Blackmore passed the prized chocolates down through her family over the years. Her granddaughter, Jean Thompson, aged 72, is the current custodian of this unique piece of heritage. She recently brought the tin to Hansons Auctioneers in Derby, setting the stage for the chocolates’ debut at auction.

Morven Fairlie, a representative of Hansons Auctioneers, highlighted the significance of this special gift. In the era the chocolates were made, children seldom had the chance to enjoy such treats. It’s easy to understand why Blackmore chose to treasure the chocolates rather than eat them.

The forthcoming auction at Hansons Auctioneers promises to attract bidders with a keen interest in royal memorabilia, history, and confectionery. Hanson’s estimates the tin of coronation chocolate will fetch between £100 and £150, but the final price could well exceed expectations if multiple bidders vie for this taste of history.

While the chocolates still emit a faint aroma of their original vanilla flavor, they are far beyond their use-by date. As Fairlie humorously added, “Nobody’s going to be eating it… but I wouldn’t want to risk it.”

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Source: “121-year-old Cadbury coronation chocolates to be sold at auction” — Sky News