WTF Fun Fact – The Red Terror

WTF Fun Fact - The Red Terror

In 1963, Volkswagen donated a beetle which became the first production car in the Antarctic. It was so well loved by its users that it earned the nickname “Red Terror.” After a year of service, it returned to Australia and won the1964 BP Rally. – WTF Fun Facts

Source: Polar Bug: When the Volkswagen Beetle Conquered Antarctica • Petrolicious

WTF Fun Fact – The Deaf Death Adder

WTF Fun Fact - Death Adders Name

The Death Adder’s name originates from early European settlers of Australia thinking the snake couldn’t “hear” well, thus the name “deaf adder,” which eventually morphed into “death adder”. The reality is they rely on their camouflage instead of moving out of the way as most snakes do when larger predators approach. – WTF Fun Facts