WTF Fun Fact 12801 – Men’s Dirty Sheets

Studies in both the US and the UK show that single men don’t get around to washing their sheets very often. In fact, nearly half only wash them four times a year! Those are some dirty sheets!

Why wash dirty sheets?

Sheets should really be washed once a week – every two weeks, tops. Anything less is just unhygienic, and that has consequences for your social life and health.

We all sweat into our sheets and they can become clogged up with that sweat, making them smell pretty awful and reducing the ability to cool us off because there’s no good airflow.

In addition, we shed dead skin cells everywhere we go, but probably shed the most in bed. Those also build up in sheets and, as a result, so do the mites that feed on them.

Yes, you are sleeping in sweat-clogged, mite-filled sheets if you don’t wash them often. And chances are people can probably tell, even if you shower in the morning. These mites can give you some gnarly skin conditions, or even just clogged pores that keep you from looking glowing and healthy.

Guys, wash your sheets!

Sure, not everyone has access to laundry in their home, but guys used some pretty lame excuses for not changing their dirty sheets.

Many believed that showering at night keeps your sheets clean. But clearly they forgot the clean skin still sweats and sheds, and bad breath can also affect sheet cleanliness.

If you have allergies, it’s even more important to wash your sheets often. Open windows, pets, pollen, and other allergens we carry on our bodies dirty our beds as well.

In the UK study, the most common reasons men gave for not washing sheets often enough were:
– Forgetting (67%)
– Not being bothered by dirty sheets (35%)
– Not having any other clean bedding (22%)

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Source: “How often should you change your bed sheets?” — BBC News