WTF Fun Fact 13631 – Thwarted Car Theft

Workers at Arlington Auto Wrecking in Akron, Ohio prevented a car theft in a unique way. Frustrated with repeated thefts and break-ins, they employed an unusual method that grabbed headlines and amused law enforcement and the public alike.

The High-Flying Capture

It all unfolded when a man attempted to steal a car from the junkyard.

The workers, upon realizing the theft in progress, ingeniously used a forklift on the property. They hoisted the vehicle, with the thief still inside, approximately 20 feet into the air.

This quick thinking effectively trapped the perpetrator until the police arrived on the scene. The bodycam footage from the responding officers captured the surreal sight: a car dangling in mid-air, much to the amusement of the police and workers.

A Creative Solution to a Persistent Car Theft Problem

Arlington Auto Wrecking had been a repeated target for thieves, leading to growing frustration among its employees. Thefts, particularly of catalytic converters, had become a commonplace nuisance. The staff’s patience wore thin after multiple break-ins, and they were determined to take a stand against this latest intrusion.

Police found the suspect, a 26-year-old male, with tools intended for stealing copper from the junkyard’s cars. The workers’ quick reaction led to his arrest for criminal trespassing and possessing criminal tools.

The suspect already had an outstanding warrant for disorderly conduct. He is scheduled to appear in court on the latest charges.

The Aftermath: Laughter and Legal Proceedings

Upon their arrival, the police officers, along with the 911 operator, couldn’t contain their amusement at the workers’ ingenuity. The incident, though serious, brought a moment of levity to the officers and the 911 dispatcher. Local news writers and social media fans hailed the creativity of the Arlington Auto Wrecking employees as both effective and humorous.

The incident ended with the suspect taken into custody by police and facing multiple charges. His attempted theft was foiled and is now a spectacle for local news and social media. The creative justice served by the auto workers became a topic of discussion and a warning to potential thieves about the lengths to which the staff would go to protect their property.

This incident serves as a reminder that sometimes, thinking outside the box can be the most effective way to tackle a problem.

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Source: “Video shows forklift suspending car 20 feet in air to stop theft suspect at Ohio car lot” — USA Today