WTF Fun Fact 13454 – Dumpling Flavored Soda

If you love dumplings, would you try a dumpling-flavored soda? We might. Or at least, we might have before reading about it.

Gyoza soda – Japan’s dumpling flavored soda monstrosity

Japan, a land of diverse flavors, occasionally throws up concoctions that can baffle even the most adventurous taste buds. And let’s just say they weren’t the only ones to “throw up” this particular culinary adventure.

One recent innovation in the Japanese beverage world was the dumpling (or gyoza)-flavored soda. This quirky drink has sparked intrigue, excitement, and disgust in equal measure.

This controversial drink was developed by Nagai Garden. And to be fair, it was marketed as “Gyoza cider.” It aimed to replicate the flavors of gyoza, a type of Japanese dumpling filled with meat and vegetables.

So it’s a carbonated, non-alcoholic beverage intended to encapsulate the salty, savory experience of a gyoza dumpling.

A flavor rollercoaster

The soda is reportedly a mix of sweet and savory tastes. First impressions are of a typical sweet soda, but the taste then turns into a confusing blend of savory gyoza flavors, ending with a garlicky aftertaste. The drink’s light yellow color gives no hint of the sensory rollercoaster it unleashes.

The reviews, to put it mildly, have been mixed. Online testimonials range from amusement to outright disgust, with some individuals expressing that the soda made them feel nauseated.

A general consensus is that the dumpling-flavored soda might be Japan’s worst-tasting soft drink. But in a world of flavor enthusiasts, the soda has its fair share of admirers, with some people appreciating its distinctiveness.

This unusual soda is a reflection of Japan’s ‘dare-to-drink’ culture. Japan’s beverage market is known for its wild array of flavors, often aiming to surprise or shock consumers. This culture has previously given us beverages such as salty watermelon Pepsi.

Novelty or Nasty?

While the drink is definitely unique, it’s up for debate whether it’s a novelty or simply nasty. For those who adore gyoza and are open to unusual flavor combinations, the dumpling soda could be an interesting exploration. However, for individuals with less adventurous palates, it’s probably a hard pass.

At the very least, the peculiar concoction has captured global attention, creating a buzz on social media and discussion forums. It’s a testament to the adage, “There’s no such thing as bad publicity.”

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Source: “Dumpling-Flavored Soda – Probably Japan’s Worst-Tasting Soft Drink” — Oddity Central