WTF Fun Fact 13398 – Dubai Helicopter Uber

Dubai, with its towering skyscrapers and world-class infrastructure, offers a plethora of experiences. However, to truly appreciate the city’s grandeur, nothing compares to a bird’s eye view. That’s where Uber helicopter tours in Dubai come into play.

Uber a helicopter in Dubai

Uber helicopter tours provide a unique opportunity to see Dubai from above. Operated by Uber, these tours allow passengers to book a private helicopter ride. The tour typically lasts around 12-15 minutes, during which passengers can marvel at the breathtaking views of the city. The tour includes a scenic flight over iconic landmarks such as the Burj Khalifa, the Palm Jumeirah, and the Dubai Marina.

Booking an Uber helicopter tour in Dubai is a straightforward process. Start by downloading the Uber app and signing up for an account. Once you’ve completed this step, search for Uber helicopter tours within the app. A list of available tours will appear, and you can choose the one that suits you best. Book the tour and pay for it using your Uber account.

It’ll cost you

The cost of an Uber helicopter tour in Dubai varies based on the time of day and the duration of the tour. On average, a 12-15 minute tour costs approximately AED 600-700 per person. This price includes the helicopter ride itself and a private tour guide who will point out the city’s landmarks during the tour.

When embarking on an Uber helicopter tour, passengers can expect a thrilling and unforgettable experience. The tour begins with a safety briefing and an introduction to the helicopter. Passengers are then escorted to their seats in the helicopter. Once everyone is seated, the helicopter takes off, commencing the tour. Throughout the journey, passengers can soak in the stunning views of the city and its landmarks. The tour guide will highlight various points of interest, providing valuable information about each location.

Safety first

While the adventure of Uber helicopter tours is exhilarating, safety is a top priority. Passengers must follow the safety instructions provided by the tour guide and remain seated throughout the flight. It’s important to refrain from taking flash photos and avoid leaning out of the helicopter. Additionally, dressing appropriately for the weather conditions and wearing comfortable shoes is advisable.

Oh, and if you want a stateside helicopter ride to avoid the traffic while traveling to JFK, Uber offers those as well.

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Source: “Uber Helicopter Dubai: Your Ticket to a Scenic Tour of the City” — Arabian Diaries

WTF Fun Fact 13397 – The Longest Boxing Match

In 1893, Andy Bowen and Jack Burke, engaged in the longest boxing match in history. It was a legendary battle that would forever etch their names in sporting history. What made this encounter truly remarkable was not just the skill and determination displayed by the fighters, but the astonishing length of time the fight endured—an incredible 7 hours and 19 minutes.

That fateful day

The epic showdown between Bowen and Burke took place in New Orleans. As the two fighters stepped into the ring that fateful day, little did they know that they were about to test their physical and mental limits.

From the opening bell, Bowen and Burke exhibited remarkable resilience, trading blow after blow with unwavering determination. As the hours ticked by, the physical toll of the match became increasingly apparent. The fighters’ bodies were battered and bruised, their faces swollen and bloodied. Yet neither Bowen nor Burke showed any signs of surrender.

Sticking it out

Cheers and applause filled the arena as the fighters fought on, refusing to succumb to the weariness that surely plagued their bodies.

Seven hours and nineteen minutes passed, and still, neither Bowen nor Burke could claim victory. The referee had no choice but to declare the match a draw. It was a testament to the unbreakable spirit of these fighters, who had pushed themselves to the limits of human capability and beyond.

The legacy of the longest boxing match

The bout between Bowen and Burke remains the longest boxing match in recorded history, a record that stands to this day. Their remarkable feat has become the stuff of legends, celebrated by boxing enthusiasts and historians alike. The fight serves as a reminder of the indomitable human spirit, the relentless pursuit of victory, and the boundless capacity of athletes to push beyond what was previously believed possible.

In an era long before modern training techniques and sports science, Bowen and Burke relied solely on their grit and determination. They embodied the essence of what it means to be a fighter—someone who refuses to give up, no matter the odds or the obstacles in their path.

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Source: “The Longest Boxing Match in History Went 110 Rounds and Lasted over 7 Hours” — The Vintage News

WTF Fun Fact 13392 – The Scott Kelly Gorilla Suit Prank

We know, we know. You’ve seen the viral posts about Mark Kelly smuggling a gorilla suit onto the International Space Station (ISS). But it turns out the hilarious moment is actually the Scott Kelly gorilla suit prank. Scott is Mark’s twin brother, and they are both astronauts.

Now, if you haven’t heard about this prank, you’re probably very confused right now.

The Scott Kelly gorilla suit prank

In 2016, former NASA astronaut Scott Kelly secretly brought a gorilla suit with him on the mission, keeping it hidden from his fellow crew members. It wasn’t until one day that he decided to surprise his unsuspecting colleague.

Scott Kelly, known for his adventurous spirit and sense of humor, had a playful idea in mind. He understood the importance of camaraderie and lighthearted moments to boost morale in the isolated and demanding environment of space.

After smuggling the gorilla suit onboard, Kelly patiently waited for the perfect moment to execute his prank. He knew that the confined quarters of the ISS would amplify the surprise and make the prank memorable.

Finally, the day arrived when Kelly decided to put his plan into action. He donned the gorilla suit and approached his unsuspecting crew member, who was engrossed in his tasks.

Gorillas in space

Kelly lunged towards his crewmate, letting out a playful roar. The crew member, startled by the sudden appearance of a gorilla in space, jumped in surprise, and his shock quickly turned into laughter.

The crew burst into laughter, with Kelly’s prank providing a much-needed moment of levity. The sight of an astronaut in a gorilla suit floating weightlessly through the spacecraft was undoubtedly unforgettable.

The story of Scott Kelly’s gorilla suit prank spread, capturing the amusement of people on Earth. It showcased the lighter side of life aboard the ISS and reminded us that even in the vastness of space, humor and human connections are vital for well-being.

Of course, the presence of the gorilla suit on the ISS was unauthorized. NASA does not allow astronauts to bring personal items on missions. However, in this case, the harmless nature of the prank and the positive impact it had on the crew’s morale overshadowed any reprimand that Kelly may have received.

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Source: “Fact Check: Did an Astronaut Smuggle a Gorilla Suit Onto the International Space Station?” — Newsweek

WTF Fun Fact 13391 – Giant Penguin Hoax

In 1948, the quiet shores of Clearwater Beach, Florida, were the site of a giant penguin hoax that would continue for a decade and not be explained for another 40 years.

Florida’s giant penguin hoax

Mysterious tracks resembling giant three-toed footprints emerged from the sea, leaving people astounded and intrigued. These footprints, approximately 35 centimeters long and 28 centimeters wide, stretched along the beach for miles, suggesting the presence of a colossal creature.

Word of the strange tracks quickly spread, and eyewitness accounts of unusual creatures started to surface. For example, students at the Dunedin Flying School claimed to have spotted a creature resembling a furry log with a boar’s head swimming in the water. A couple walking along the beach recounted a sighting of a towering creature waddling near the water before vanishing into the sea. The news of these encounters only deepened the mystery.

Monster hunting

The local police were compelled to investigate the footprints. British biologist Ivan Terence Sanderson, known for his ventures into pseudoscience, also took an interest in the case. Sanderson conducted his own investigations. He meticulously studied the tracks that continued to appear over the next decade. Sanderson proposed that a massive, 15-foot-tall penguin might be responsible for the enigmatic footprints.

The case for a giant penguin

Sanderson noted that the tracks consistently followed gentle slopes, even if it meant meandering along the way. Moreover, they skillfully avoided any obstacles, no matter how small, such as bushes or debris. These traits, according to Sanderson, were characteristic of typical animal behavior. He found it implausible that the tracks could be the result of a hoax, given the level of detail and precision involved in their creation.

The idea of an undiscovered giant penguin roaming the beach without anyone noticing seemed more plausible to him.

Uncovering the truth

Fast forward to 1988. That’s when the truth behind the peculiar footprints was finally revealed. A local man named Tony Signorini stepped forward and confessed to the prank.

Signorini and his friend, Al Williams, were inspired by a National Geographic photo of dinosaur footprints. Motivated by a mischievous spirit, they decided to embark on a decade-long hoax. They constructed enormous three-toed metal feet, which they attached to tennis shoes. Their plan involved taking a small rowboat out to sea, with one of them wearing the 14-kilogram (30-pound) shoes and walking up the beach. Later, they would rendezvous with the boat further along the coast.

To create the illusion of a large stride, Signorini would stand on one leg and swing the other, building momentum for a jump. The pair often had their friend report the footprints the following day to ensure their efforts wouldn’t go unnoticed. They meticulously orchestrated a prank that fooled the public and even experts for an astonishing four decades.

After Signorini’s passing in 2013, his family made sure that his obituary commemorated his role as “The Clearwater Monster.”

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Source: “The Giant Penguin Hoax That Fooled Florida For 10 Whole Years” — IFL Science

WTF Fun Fact 13389 – Single Presidents

Overall, nine single presidents in U.S. history. But some were widowers to begin with or became widowers in office. Grover Cleveland and James Buchanan were the only true bachelors to be elected president.

A singular occasion

On June 2, 1886, something remarkable occurred in American history when Cleveland, the 22nd and 24th President of the United States, broke tradition by becoming the first U.S. president to marry while in office.

In a private ceremony held at the White House, Cleveland exchanged vows with Frances Folsom, a woman 27 years younger than him. This event captivated the public’s attention and set a new precedent for presidential marriages.

Single presidents are rare

Before Cleveland, James Buchanan held the distinction of being the only unmarried president. Throughout his tenure as the 15th president from 1857 to 1861, Buchanan remained a lifelong bachelor, a unique status that fascinated many. His unmarried status stood out amidst the expectations of the time and became an intriguing aspect of his presidential legacy.

Cleveland’s marriage to Frances Folsom became a source of great interest and fascination for both the public and the media. The significant age difference between the two further fueled curiosity. Cleveland, aged 49 at the time, married Frances, who was a mere 21, making her the youngest first lady in U.S. history. Their wedding, held in the Blue Room of the White House, attracted attention nationwide and garnered extensive media coverage.

Even more eyebrow-raising was the fact that Cleveland was expected to marry Frances’ mother when she became a widower!

A rare presidential wedding

Cleveland’s decision to marry while serving as president challenged the traditional perception of the presidency. It showcased a more personal and relatable side of the president, emphasizing his capacity for love, companionship, and family life. The public’s reception of their union reflected evolving societal norms, recognizing the president as an individual capable of forming personal connections and balancing personal and public responsibilities.

Frances Folsom Cleveland’s presence as the first lady injected youthfulness and charm into the White House. She quickly became a popular figure, admired for her grace and elegance. Her involvement in social and public activities added a touch of glamour to the political arena. The Cleveland marriage symbolized unity and hope, bridging generational and social gaps within the country.

While Grover Cleveland’s marriage broke new ground, it is essential to highlight the contrasting story of James Buchanan. Buchanan’s lifelong bachelorhood remains a topic of intrigue in presidential history. His personal choice to remain unmarried added an air of mystery to his presidency, setting him apart from his contemporaries.

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Source: “Has There Ever Been An Unmarried U.S. President?” — Bustle

WTF Fun Fact 13387 – Earth’s Core May Be Hotter Than The Sun

Scientists believe that the Earth’s core, consisting primarily of iron and nickel, may be hotter than the surface of the sun, with temperatures reaching up to 5,500 degrees Celsius (9,932 degrees Fahrenheit).

Why do scientists think the Earth’s core is hotter than the sun’s surface?

The Earth’s core, located approximately 2,900 kilometers (1,800 miles) beneath the Earth’s surface, remains an elusive and challenging realm for direct exploration. Despite the inability to physically access the core, scientists have employed a combination of sophisticated techniques, including theoretical modeling and seismic studies, to gain insights into its temperature.

Scientists use the analysis of seismic waves generated by earthquakes to study the temperature of the planet’s core. By studying the behavior of these waves as they travel through different layers of the Earth, scientists can infer valuable information about the planet’s internal structure and temperature distribution.

Through seismic studies, scientists have determined that the core’s temperature increases significantly as one ventures deeper into the Earth. The most scorching temperatures are found at the boundary between the outer and inner core, approximately 3,200 miles beneath the Earth’s surface. Here, researchers estimate that the temperature reaches nearly 6,000 degrees Celsius (10,800 degrees Fahrenheit). So, if that’s the case, then the earth’s core is hotter than the sun.

Where’d that heat come from?

Interestingly, the heat in the Earth’s core does not come from the sun. The core’s exceptional temperatures are sustained by two primary heat sources. The first source of heat originates from the residual energy trapped within the Earth since its formation around 4.5 billion years ago. During the Earth’s early stages, countless collisions and mergers between rock fragments produced an immense amount of heat, some of which remains within the core to this day.

The second source of heat within the core arises from the radioactive decay of isotopes present throughout the Earth. Radioactive elements such as potassium-40, thorium-232, uranium-235, and uranium-238 release energy as they undergo decay, contributing to the overall heat budget of the core.

While the core’s temperatures may exceed those of the sun’s surface, it is important to note that the conditions in the core are drastically different. The core’s high pressures prevent its iron-nickel composition from vaporizing into gas despite the extreme temperatures.

This unique combination of heat and pressure creates an environment that sustains the core in a liquid or solid state.

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Source: “How has Earth’s core stayed as hot as the sun’s surface for billions of years?” —

WTF Fun Fact 13386 – Wearing White Before Memorial Day

Wearing white between Memorial Day and Labor Day has long been a fashion tradition in the United States. We often associate it with the summer season. In some places, Americans still consider this custom a style guideline, and people may still follow it in more formal or traditional settings.

The origins of wearing white between Memorial Day and Labor Day

The late 19th and early 20th centuries witnessed the emergence of a fashion rule that linked wearing white to staying cool in hot weather. People then deemed it appropriate for summer attire. This rule predominantly gained popularity among the upper classes. They often spent summers at vacation resorts or country estates. Wearing white garments, particularly lightweight fabrics, allowed them to reflect sunlight and remain cool. It also became a symbol of fashion and social status.

Over time, the tradition of wearing white between Memorial Day and Labor Day became deeply ingrained in American culture. Memorial Day marks the unofficial start of summer in late May. Labor Day in early September, signifies its end. These holidays, therefore, served as bookends for this period of traditional white attire.

Violating fashion norms

Wearing white after Labor Day was generally discouraged as it was seen as a violation of established fashion norms. This was eventually the case among all social classes. The belief was that white was more suitable for warm-weather occasions, and transitioning to darker, autumnal colors was considered appropriate as the season changed.

Middle and lower class people also adopted the custom. This is in part because dressing is a way of socially conforming or trying to project one’s class. Wearing white was an aspirational mimicking of what the wealthy class was doing.

Breaking rules

However, fashion rules have evolved, and the strict adherence to the “no white after Labor Day” rule has waned in modern times. Many individuals now choose to wear white throughout the year, and fashion trends have become more individualistic, breaking away from traditional guidelines.

While the significance of the “no white after Labor Day” rule has diminished, some people and social circles may still choose to adhere to it as a personal preference or a nod to traditional fashion etiquette. Ultimately, the decision to wear white or any other color during a specific time of the year is a matter of personal style and choice.

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Source: “Why can’t you wear white after Labor Day? Fashion’s perennial rule, explained.” — USA Today

WTF Fun Fact 13385 – Flag Protocol on Memorial Day

There is a special flag protocol on Memorial Day in the United States. The country follows a tradition where it raises the flag to the top of the staff in the morning. Then, the country solemnly lowers it to half-staff until noon. After noon, the country raises the flag back to full staff.

Why is there a special flag protocol on Memorial Day?

The practice of flying the flag at half-staff is a gesture of remembrance and honor for the soldiers who gave their lives in service to their country. Lowering the flag to half-staff is a solemn and poignant way to pay tribute to their memory. It serves as a visible reminder of their sacrifice.

People have long associated the half-staff position with mourning, and it reflects a sense of national tribute on Memorial Day.

During this time, from sunrise until noon, the nation collectively pauses to remember and reflect on the sacrifices of fallen service members.

Re-raising the flag at noon

While you may not have noticed, Americans customarily raise the flag back to full staff at noon on Memorial Day. This signifies the transition from a period of remembrance for the deceased to a focus on honoring the living who continue to safeguard the nation’s freedom. It represents the resilience, courage, and dedication of the men and women who serve in the armed forces.

Raising the flag to full staff after noon, it is a symbolic way of recognizing the ongoing commitment and sacrifices made by active-duty military personnel, veterans, and all those who contribute to the defense of the country. It serves as a reminder that the spirit of those who have fallen lives on through the determination and dedication of those who continue to serve.

Flag decorum

It is important to note that the practice of lowering the flag to half-staff is not exclusive to Memorial Day. People also observe it on other occasions of national mourning. For example, when they remember fallen public officials, national tragedies, or the death of a prominent figure.

However, on Memorial Day, the symbolism takes on added significance. The as nation comes together to honor the fallen heroes who have made the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

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Source: “Flying the American Flag at Half Staff” — U.S. Department of Veteran’s Affairs

WTF Fun Fact 13384 – Centralia Mine Fire

In Pennsylvania, a fire has been burning underground since May 1962. This coal-seam fire, known as the Centralia mine fire, has defied all attempts to extinguish it and continues to smolder to this day.

The origins of the Centralia mine fire

The exact cause and start date of the Centralia mine fire remains a matter of debate. Some suggest that it was ignited deliberately on May 27, 1962. That’s when the town council set a fire to clean up the landfill in an abandoned strip mine. However, others argue that the fire had already been burning before that fateful day. They think it may have originated from the Bast Colliery coal fire of 1932.

Regardless of its precise origin, the fire quickly spread into the labyrinth of abandoned coal mines beneath Centralia. This helped perpetuate its unstoppable grip on the town.

The extent of the destruction

The Centralia mine fire is estimated to have the potential to burn for more than 250 years. It stretches over an area of 3,700 acres and reaches depths of up to 300 feet. This is a result of the abundance of coal and network of underground tunnels providing a fuel source.

Efforts to extinguish the fire have been futile, with multiple excavation projects failing to snuff out the flames.

The impact of the Centralia mine fire on the town and its residents has been catastrophic. Over time, the hazardous levels of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and low oxygen levels caused health concerns, leading to the evacuation and relocation of most residents.

By 2017, the population dwindled to just five residents. That’s a stark contrast to the 1,500 inhabitants at the time the fire began. Abandoned buildings, crumbling infrastructure, and eerie streets shrouded in smoke have transformed Centralia into an unlikely tourist attraction.

The ongoing legacy of the fire

As the fire persisted, legal battles and controversies emerged. In 1992, Pennsylvania Governor Bob Casey invoked eminent domain, condemning all the buildings in Centralia. The government offered the residents buyouts, and most accepted, leaving only a handful determined to remain in their homes.

Despite appeals, the remaining residents were eventually ordered to leave. However, the town reached an agreement in 2013 to allow some holdouts live out their lives before the properties would be taken through eminent domain.

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Source: “This Mine Fire Has Been Burning For Over 50 Years” — History Channel