WTF Fun Fact 13385 – Flag Protocol on Memorial Day

There is a special flag protocol on Memorial Day in the United States. The country follows a tradition where it raises the flag to the top of the staff in the morning. Then, the country solemnly lowers it to half-staff until noon. After noon, the country raises the flag back to full staff.

Why is there a special flag protocol on Memorial Day?

The practice of flying the flag at half-staff is a gesture of remembrance and honor for the soldiers who gave their lives in service to their country. Lowering the flag to half-staff is a solemn and poignant way to pay tribute to their memory. It serves as a visible reminder of their sacrifice.

People have long associated the half-staff position with mourning, and it reflects a sense of national tribute on Memorial Day.

During this time, from sunrise until noon, the nation collectively pauses to remember and reflect on the sacrifices of fallen service members.

Re-raising the flag at noon

While you may not have noticed, Americans customarily raise the flag back to full staff at noon on Memorial Day. This signifies the transition from a period of remembrance for the deceased to a focus on honoring the living who continue to safeguard the nation’s freedom. It represents the resilience, courage, and dedication of the men and women who serve in the armed forces.

Raising the flag to full staff after noon, it is a symbolic way of recognizing the ongoing commitment and sacrifices made by active-duty military personnel, veterans, and all those who contribute to the defense of the country. It serves as a reminder that the spirit of those who have fallen lives on through the determination and dedication of those who continue to serve.

Flag decorum

It is important to note that the practice of lowering the flag to half-staff is not exclusive to Memorial Day. People also observe it on other occasions of national mourning. For example, when they remember fallen public officials, national tragedies, or the death of a prominent figure.

However, on Memorial Day, the symbolism takes on added significance. The as nation comes together to honor the fallen heroes who have made the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

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