WTF Fun Fact – Ford Made 25 Bombers A Day

 At the peak of production during World War 2, Ford Motor Company produced a B-24 Liberator airplane every 63 minutes at the Willow Run assembly plant. Each bomber was made of 488,193 individual parts. – WTF Fun Facts


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2 thoughts on “WTF Fun Fact – Ford Made 25 Bombers A Day”

  1. To the previous comment; that’s not how an assembly line works. All it means is the slowest function on the line takes 63 minutes; when one rolled out the door, they’d have dozens or hundreds more in various stages of assembly. Sub-assembly is vital, also; if you have 50 lines making 1/50 of a plane each, this can cut your total assembly time by nearly that much.

    It may have taken a few days to build an entire plane start to finish, but they were working on an assembly line, so there were always quite a few on the line at one time. You can thank Henry Ford for that, and it’s pretty fascinating to read about all the ways an assembly line can function (and be improved)!

    (Source – Master’s in Operations Management, Lean/Six Sigma Black Belt, Industrial Engineering Specialist)


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