WTF Fun Fact – The Art Of Living Long

One of the first diet books, “The Art Of Living Long,” came out in 1558 and is still in print. The author Luigi Cornaro was an extremely overweight Italian who at age 40 was tired of being overweight and feeling out of control. He limited himself to 12 oz. of food a day and 14 oz. of wine. He lived to be almost 100 years old. – WTF Fun Facts



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5 thoughts on “WTF Fun Fact – The Art Of Living Long”

  1. @Jiamil

    Imperial measurements bother you? As in, the numbers used to measure stuff irritate you? My man you can convert the measurements in 2 seconds why do you even care.

  2. For 16th century that is something special. The only thing bothering me again is the imperial measurements, which are completely useless outside the US.


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