WTF Fun Fact 12675 – Very Superstitious

Apologies in advance for getting that Stevie Wonder song stuck in your head, but a recent survey found that Americans as surprisingly superstitious. We say surprisingly only because we all tend to brag about being so truth-based and yet still admit to behaving in ways that are based on either fear or some sort of magical thinking.

Also, Stevie Wonder warned us quite clearly:

When you believe in things
That you don’t understand,
Then you suffer,
Superstition ain’t the way

Anyway, the survey asked 1,000 Americans about 30 different superstitions and their overall belief that the world could even work in a way that superstitions made sense.

They found that, on average, more people believe in good luck superstitions than those that bring bad luck (so, apparently, we’re optimistic about our magical beliefs).

The superstitions Americans are most likely to believe in are:
– Making a wish while blowing out birthday candles (28%)
– Seeing a shooting star (28%)
– Saying bless you when someone sneezes (27%)

When it comes to bad luck superstitions specifically, the most common are:
– Walking under a ladder (21%)
– Broken mirrors (21%)
– The number 666 (21%)

Also interesting is that 12% of Americans always or frequently carry a lucky charm, while19% say they do occasionally. Still, the majority (65%) don’t bother.

It’s also important to note that while a minority believe in superstitions, there’s a large chunk of the population that’s just unsure and were unwilling to say they didn’t believe in these superstitions!

If you want to learn more about the methodology of the poll, click here.

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Source: “Which superstitions are Americans most likely to believe?” — YouGov


WTF Fun Fact 12657 – Daniel Gossett’s Hair Story

On August 1, 2018, pitcher Daniel Gossett of the Oakland A’s shaved his head following Tommy John surgery. The recovery after this kind of surgery is very lengthy, and Gossett knew his arm would be immobile for a while.

“I was in an arm brace for however many weeks,” Gossett told MassLive. “I was like, ‘Man, I can’t do anything with this hair.’ So I cut it all off.”

However, as baseball players (especially pitchers) are known for their rituals and superstitions, Gossett has decided not to cut it again. At least not for a while.

He was released by the A’s in 2020, but seeing his promise, another team snatched him up. In 2021, he was signed by the Boston Red Sox and played in their minor league system. Pitchers have to work their way back up to the major league teams.

It was at that time that Gossett made the decision not to cut his hair until he was back on a major league team – no matter how long it took.

And it’s taking a while!

The Red Sox released him as well (at the end of 2021). But he didn’t spend long as a free agent. In 2022, the Minnesota Twins signed him to their minor league team.

Now, we’ll have to wait and see how long it takes for him to work his way up, but his hair is still growing – many inches down his back, in fact.

Luckily, it’s healthy, beautiful blond hair and he’s promised to donate it when the time comes.

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Source: “Meet Daniel Gossett: Boston Red Sox depth starter lives in RV, won’t cut long hair until he returns to big leagues or he can donate it” — MassLive