WTF Fun Fact 13602 – Man Posed as Mannequin

Warsaw witnessed a theft straight out of a heist movie when a 22-year-old man stood motionless in a shop window and convincingly posed as a mannequin. Polish police have now charged the suspect, ensuring this innovative criminal won’t be blending into the backdrop anytime soon.

Man Posed as Mannequin in Broad Daylight

The audacious individual positioned himself amongst other display dummies, a bag in hand, in a store in the central Warsaw district of Śródmieście. Both staff and shoppers alike were completely fooled by his act. He didn’t move an inch, hoping to be mistaken for one of the display mannequins. It’s an act many might find challenging, but this man had apparently mastered the art of staying perfectly still.

His scheme wasn’t just about standing around, however. Once he felt he’d established his cover, he ventured deeper into the store, targeting the jewelry department. There, under the guise of after-hours shadows and amid the lifeless mannequins, he helped himself to various pieces of jewelry.

A Series of Shopping Centre Stunts

But the Warsaw shop window incident wasn’t this suspect’s first venture into crime. Polish police have linked him to a series of other incidents at shopping centers. On one occasion, after closing hours, he purportedly indulged himself at a shopping center bar, relishing whatever food was left out.

His appetite wasn’t limited to just food. He also visited a designer clothes shop, not for a casual shopping spree, but rather a sly swap. The suspect allegedly exchanged his attire for fresh clothes right off the racks. This particular incident gave away a crucial clue – he was caught on CCTV slipping through a minuscule gap under the store’s shutters, revealing both his audacity and agility.

Yet another event tied to him involves a more direct approach to theft. He is believed to have stealthily waited for a store to shut down for the day, after which he took cash from several registers. Apart from cash, he reportedly tried to pilfer other items from the store.

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Source: “Man who pretended to be mannequin in Warsaw shop window charged with theft” — The Guardian

WTF Fun Fact 12649 – A Considerate Thief

A thief in Texas stole a lawnmower, but the strangest act caught on camera wasn’t the theft itself but rather the footage of him mowing the victim’s lawn before he took off with the equipment.

He mowed both the front and the back!

The Port Arthur Police Department said Marcus Hubbard stole the lawnmower on April 1, but the theft was no joke. Hubbard eventually did make off with the mower. But police arrived on the scene as he was making off with the stolen property and he abandoned it during his attempted escape.

They’re still looking for Hubbard at this point, so secure your mowers if you live in the area!

Check out the unexpected video below:

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Source: “Man steals lawnmower, cuts victim’s grass, police say” — WRIC News