WTF Fun Fact 13603 – The Fight Over Taco Tuesday

Taco Bell enthusiasts across the U.S. have a reason to cheer: “Taco Tuesday” is now free for everyone to use in all 50 states, thanks to the fast food chain’s relentless legal battle.

Taco Bell’s Battle for the Beloved Term ‘Taco Tuesday’

The ubiquitous phrase might seem like a universal term. Still, until recently, legal restrictions prevented its widespread use. Taco Bell, believing that the phrase was too ingrained in popular culture to be trademarked, took action earlier this year. They sought to challenge two trademark regulations that limited the term’s use. The chain’s legal initiative wasn’t just for their benefit but aimed at ensuring that taco lovers everywhere could use and celebrate the term without hesitation.

Taco John’s, another prominent fast-food chain, had the trademark rights for “Taco Tuesday” in 49 states. But they folded to Taco Bell’s legal pressure, letting go of their trademark. Yet, there was still one last holdout – New Jersey.

New Jersey’s Tuesday Turmoil

The credit for “Taco Tuesday” in the Garden State goes to Gregory’s Restaurant and Bar, situated in Somers Point. They held onto their 1982 trademark for the phrase until this very week. But as they say, all good things come to those who wait.

Taco Bell’s patience paid off when the New Jersey restaurant decided to relinquish its rights, sealing Taco Bell’s victory across the nation. Their triumph allows everyone, from businesses to residents, to embrace the joy of “Taco Tuesday” without legal constraints.

Sean Tresvant, Taco Bell’s Chief Global Brand and Strategy Officer (and soon-to-be CEO), expressed the brand’s enthusiasm in a news release. He emphasized the company’s commitment to making “Taco Tuesday” accessible for everyone, whether they’re making, selling, or simply enjoying tacos.

In light of their legal win, the chain anticipates ushering in a new age for eateries throughout the U.S. The freedom to promote and relish “Taco Tuesday” now extends to all, from big chains like Taco John’s and Taco Bell to local taco joints.

Gregory’s Graceful Concession

But what about the man behind the trademark in New Jersey? Gregory Gregory, co-owner of Gregory’s Restaurant and Bar, held exclusive rights to the phrase for over three decades. However, he recently chose to step back, acknowledging the widespread love for “Taco Tuesday” that extended beyond his establishment.

In his statement, he shared his pride and excitement about the phrase’s history at his restaurant. And while the trademark might be gone, Gregory ensures that the delicious spirit of Tuesdays will remain a forever feature at his eatery.

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Source: “The Phrase ‘Taco Tuesday’ Can Now Be Used in All 50 States” — Food Network

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