WTF Fun Fact – Woo By Diving

Male hummingbirds often woo females by climbing to between 5 and 40 meters before diving past perched females. They pull up at the last minute and spread their tail feathers which produces a loud chirpy song as the feathers vibrate from the air rushing past them. – WTF Fun Facts


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1 thought on “WTF Fun Fact – Woo By Diving”

  1. I love birds, especially chickadees and hummingbirds and eagles. But my first thought was why did God make so many male animals go through elaborate “dances” to attract the females heart when so many modern male humans seem to think all they need to do is put on a pair of tight jeans? That’s why women are getting married later and there is a serious shortage of nerds.
    Second thought: Protect our wild birds. Fight for them!


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